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Thursday, February 11, 2016 
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The Five Master Data Management Challenges ERP Systems Can't Solve

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For mission-critical business functions, such as ensuring that an oil rig maintains consistent uptime or a production line can operate around the clock, enterprises must have quick and easy access to essential item information. The failure of even the smallest mission-critical part – which curtails production for just a few hours - can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and customer good will. To ensure these processes continue smoothly, part information must be available and parts locatable when needed.

Some enterprises attempt to manage their item data using an ERP system, but most ERPs provide a narrow and rigid view of part information forcing departments to develop ineffi cient, manual workarounds - such as excel spreadsheets or supplemental databases. Over time, these disconnected repositories deviate from the original source and become very diffi cult to maintain.

ERP systems also provide limited data governance or stewardship processes, which leads to inconsistent descriptions, duplicate SKUs, and miscellaneous errors. These issues can create additional problems such as an inability to quickly perform item searches, locate what is needed, and make informed decisions.

Such challenges suggest the need for a “best of breed” approach utilizing a master data management (MDM) solution dedicated to the maintenance of consistent part/product information. A dedicated MDM solution allows enterprises with mission-critical manufacturing and production processes to maintain long-term management of their global product line. Using a centralized MDM approach, business managers can ensure sound data governance policies and data stewardship processes.

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