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Sunday, February 14, 2016 
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Redefining How Information Empowers Users 

Submitted By Heidi Cerenzia
Business Objects

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

BusinessObjects XI: An End-to-End Overview

Meet the Needs of All Users


Query and Analysis

Performance Management

The Business Intelligence Platform

Data Integration


Executive Summary

 The HR department wants to track turnover by geography and monitor monthly hiring costs

_ Line of business managers want to track daily performance and analyze the efficiency of the supply chain

_ Sales managers want to know which regions are offering the most discounts and how that affects their quota

_ Business partners want to know which products are selling the fastest so they can guarantee deliveries

_ Senior executives want to make sure the charts in their PowerPoint presentations don’t result in meeting meltdowns because nobody agrees on the data provided

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Can you deliver integrated and reliable information—inside and outside your organization—in a format that all users can understand? And are you able to do so from a single management console that allows you to support your reporting, query and analysis, and performance management end-user requirements?

Introducing BusinessObjects™ XI. With BusinessObjects XI, you can go beyond the limits of traditional business intelligence (BI) suites. By extending the reach of information to all users in your organization, BusinessObjects XI redefines the way your organization captures and shares knowledge. Users get the information they need in a way they understand. And best of all, information is delivered within their current environment, where they work—accurately and securely. BusinessObjects XI allows you to track key business metrics in real time; understand which actions to take based on timely delivery of trusted data; and manage your operations efficientlyand effectively through better visibility and information transparency.

BusinessObjects XI: An End-to-End Overview

BusinessObjects XI delivers extreme insight through specialized end-user tools on a single, trusted business intelligence platform. BusinessObjects XI includes the industry’s best reporting, query and analysis, and performance management dashboards, scorecards, and applications. These integrated end-user interfaces are supported by the most reliable, scalable, flexible, and manageable BI platform, and complemented by unified data integration.

 End users have better business visibility with BusinessObjects XI. They can feel confident that they are achieving their goals on time, and they can easily align individual and group actions and decisions to the broader organizational strategy. Thanks to a unified view of enterprise performance, end users can measure what matters most and monitor individual and operational goals and metrics through intuitive, interactive, and visual displays of information.

BusinessObjects XI allows the IT department to integrate BI into any infrastructure and embed secure components into virtually any application. With its adaptive, services-oriented architecture, broad data access, end-to-end metadata, and centralized, web-based administration—BusinessObjects XI is the best platform to standardize on for all your BI needs and to embed into your existing applications.

Meet the Needs of All Users

Different user segments have different information needs. The cornerstone of an organizational BI strategy must address the requirements for operational reporting, the more interactive requirements of query and analysis, and the summarized view that performance management dashboards and scorecards provide.

BI end users require either highly formatted reports that answer known and predefined questions, or interactive reports that allow them to ask spontaneous and iterative questions. For example, while many users will only need to receive reports, others will need sophisticated query and analysis capabilities, and some will need both. Some users will simply want a snapshot of enterprise performance and predefined analytic content. These requirements will not only influence how you deliver BI to your different user communities, they will also influence the information infrastructure that must be in place to support them. With specifc requirements for production reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, and performance management, your organization needs optimized end-user interfaces for each specification in order to maximize both IT and end-user productivity.

Additionally, as BI becomes more strategic and enterprise in scope, more and more organizations will begin providing graphical dashboard and scorecard information displays that consolidate and deliver actionable information critical to enterprise performance. These dashboards and scorecards deliver advanced visual components that can be easily personalized and linked to analytical or operational reports. This ensures that key metrics always map to underlyingmeasures, and individual goals map to organizational strategy.

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