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Wednesday, February 10, 2016 
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8 Ways that Business Intelligence Projects are Different And How to Manage BI Projects to Ensure Success

An Analytics8 White Paper

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects have developed a reputation as being difficult, risky and expensive. Although Data Warehousing has been around for decades, there is still a high failure rate for BI and DW projects – an oft-quoted figure is that at least 50% of these types of project fail, and many more go over time, over budget, or don’t deliver the expected benefits – or all three.

One cause of these problems is that BI and Data Warehouse projects are often approached like a typical IT project, whereas in fact a very different approach is needed. This paper will discuss 8 important differences between BI initiatives and other kinds of IT projects. By understanding these differences, it is possible to structure the environment and the project management methodology so that these differences are taken into account, resulting in a much higher success rate and greater business benefit.

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