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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 
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Case Study: Real-Time Casino Management

SGI® Altix® Servers and Oracle® 9i Database Take Casino Gaming to New Levels

An SGI White Paper

There was a time when a slot machine was just a slot machine—the familiar electromechanical icon of casino gaming. The experience has long since gone electronic, and slot machines now brim with possibilities, challenges, and feedback. Insert your ID card, and the system not only tracks your bets but prompts you about incentives, and promotions. The same system tracks your play at other gambling venues—tables, Keno, sports book, bingo—so that the random I/O traffic through the 2,000 slot casino’s player tracking system is at least the equal of your neighborhood bank. Running 24/7 without a break, it is tracking every carded and uncarded game play, processing millions of transactions, and constantly updating every gamer’s data trail.

Only the Konami Casino Management System (KCMS) can do this in real time. And the heartbeat of the Konami system is SGI
compute and storage technology running an embedded Oracle database.

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