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Monday, February 08, 2016 
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ETL Projects Don’t Have To Be So Hard

An Analytics8 White Paper

Project stakeholders are consistently baffled that implementing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) on a typical Business Intelligence (BI) initiative consumes most of the project’s resources. Most BI project stakeholders, especially Business Analysts and Project Managers, tend to think of ETL as plumbing: it happens behind the scenes and is as simple as moving data from source to target. However, ETL is more than just plumbing. It has the power to correct data errors and transform raw data into information that can be readily consumed by business users. In The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, Ralph Kimball and Joe Caserta state that the ETL portion consumes upwards of 70% of all resources required to build a data warehouse. Our experience confirms that the ETL portion consumes the lion’s share of project resources, is difficult to estimate the effort involved, and is often a point of friction between developers and project managers. So what can be done to manage ETL projects to success?

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