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Saturday, February 13, 2016 
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Monetizing Business Data With Frontline Data Warehouses

An Analytics8 White Paper

The Frontline Data Warehouse ( FDW) is the newest innovation in analytics and data warehousing for organizations building competitive advantage through analytics. The Frontline Data Warehouse is designed to collect, manage and monetize the avalanche of data entering today's enterprises. Whether fed by data from hundreds of applications, thousands of ATMs, or millions of mobile phones, the FDW provides fast access to persistent, comprehensive, and up-to-the-minute record of the enterprise's frontline data. The FDW provides an agile in-database analysis that provides intelligence at the point of service delivery. With this, you can empower your applications and users to rapidly generate insights and rules updates even as data stays resident within the FDW.

Architected to serve the needs of frontline applications and their users and analysts, the FDW follows three key design principals that distinguish it from a traditional enterprise data warehouse or appliance:

  • Scalability : an FDW can scale to petabyte data management, data loading and peta-opanalytics without encountering performance roadblocks
  • Continuous availability : an FDW avoids unplanned downtime with fault tolerant features and eliminates planned downtime and performance degradation for routine administration
  • In-database analytics : an FDW provides programmable analytics that analyzes and transforms data in-place without off-loading to a separate processing platform

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