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Tuesday, February 09, 2016 
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Knowledge Management in Business Intelligence

By Richard Herschel & Ira Yermish, Saint Joseph’s University, Decision & System Sciences Dept.

There has been some confusion as to whether Knowledge Management (KM) is part of Business Intelligence (BI) or BI is part of KM. The lack of clarity is seen to be, in part, dependent on how the two concepts are defined. Their relationship is clarified. BI focuses on explicit knowledge, but KM encompasses both tacit and explicit knowledge. Both concepts promote learning, decision-making, and understanding. However, KM influences the very nature of BI itself. BI can facilitate organizational knowledge creation and learning. However, for this to occur, BI knowledge and understanding must be effectively understood and shared. This means that BI effectiveness is subject to organizational culture, which affects sensemaking and knowledge sharing.

Employment of knowledge exchange protocols to facilitate the understanding of BI activities in knowledge management is examined. Hence, this paper explains the nature of the integration between BI and KM and makes it clear that BI should be integrated KM activities.

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