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Sunday, February 07, 2016 
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Business Intelligence Case Study: Member Management and Marketing Campaigns

An Applied Technology Solutions Case Study

There are two facets to customer management that pose challenges to Internet Service providers. They are customer retention and the need to increase the customer base or membership. Customer loss is a very serious business for Internet Service providers and part of the efforts of the membership campaigns was to make a comprehensive study and identify patterns to the attrition.

For example - Did a member leave because the price point was too high vs. was a member not happy with the quality of service vs. membership termination owing to their inability to pay monthly dues. Once these patterns were identified, then there were targeted campaigns that entailed various activities. To cite a couple of examples: Payment plan schemes for members falling behind on payments. Offer of discount rates to entice customers calling to cancel service.

Increasing a customer base for an internet service provider provides its own challenges. Again, there is a need to make a targeted assessment of potential customers. Demographics play a crucial role in providing customizable services. For example, a college student may be concerned about the bottom line and be very interested in Instant Messaging. A senior citizen may want to benefit from the clarity of a browser and usability may be a key factor. Bandwidth may be crucial to the small business owner.

In all of the above cases, it was necessary to bucket potential customers into categories and provide a specialized campaigns. The essence of the ETL was to assimilate the patterns of behavior information for Marketing Groups via the use of member information and CRM status codes.

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