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Sunday, February 14, 2016 
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How Business Modeling Rationalizes Data Warehousing

A Kalido White Paper by Neil Raden, Hired Brains, Inc.

Data warehouses were conceived as orderly, mostly static databases, accessed in a controlled way to service business reports. With ever shortening business cycles, the externalization of business brought on by the Internet, the massive scale and relatively low cost of computing hardware and the flattening of the competitive playing field as a result, the mission of data warehouses is changing dramatically.

Existing tools and methodologies cannot provide the speed and agility that is needed. A better way to model and manage these assets is needed. An alternative to a data-centric approach is a model-driven approach or, in practice, a model-driven architecture. Model-driven architecture has proven to be highly effective in delivering useful results with good ROI in a short period of time. In particular, a model-driven architecture can excel at providing high levels of reusability, flexibility and maintainability. The concept behind model-driven architectures is to build declarative models, and separate the impositions of current data structures, applications and sources from the definitions of the business. This allows for business users to discuss the business in terms that they understand.

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