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Friday, February 12, 2016 
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Bringing High-performance Open Systems to the Datacenter

SGI Altix and Extremely Large Databases - A Natural Fit


An SGI White Paper

A handful of market trends are redefining database requirements across industries and organizations such as migration from proprietary operating systems to Linux, consolidation of database servers across the enterprise and pursuit of the “real-time enterprise” in which both raw data and knowledge (“insights”) are immediately available to everyone who needs them. These critical applications turn vast pools of data into knowledge or “insights” that can be used to make decisions. The ability to make better, faster decisions shortens the overall time to insight.

While many users run these databases with a single copy of the operating system (“single system image”), vendors like IBM®, Microsoft® and Oracle® are increasingly emphasizing clustered versions of their database software for enhanced availability and scalability. Since Data warehousing and business intelligence applications are extremely read-intensive, the more data that is held in memory (rather than on disk), the better the performance, and the shorter the time to insight. With its massively scalable shared memory, SGI Altix can accommodate even the largest data warehousing problems at maximum theoretical speeds. This scalability also makes it the perfect platform for running demanding data mining and business intelligence applications such as SAP® Analytics, IBM® DB2 Intelligent Miner, Microsoft® OLAP and Analytics Server as well as the SAS® Enterprise BI Server.

Learn how to ensure high data availability and improve data base performance by downloading Bringing High-Performance Open Systems to the Data Center (white paper) today.

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