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Sunday, February 07, 2016 
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Solutions Brief: SGI® High Performance Enterprise Solutions

SGI® Altix® and Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database
Delivering Real-time Enterprise Performance

An SGI White Paper

How would your business change if applications could access, capture and update information many times faster than before? You can have the power to attract and retain more customers, sense and respond to business-critical events as they happen, and deliver new services that are otherwise impossible – using standard relational database technology and familiar programming interfaces.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database delivers real-time performance by changing the assumptions around where data resides at runtime. By managing data in memory, and optimizing data structures and access algorithms accordingly,
database operations execute with maximum efficiency, achieving dramatic gains in responsiveness and throughput, even compared to a fully cached RDBMS. Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database libraries are typically also embedded within applications, eliminating context switching and unnecessary network operations, further improving performance.

With global shared memory capacity of up to 24TB and exceptionally high IO bandwidth, Altix is an open standards based platform uniquely designed for handling arbitrarily large in-memory datasets with persistence. Real-time data management has two performance dimensions – response time and throughput.

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