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Friday, February 12, 2016 
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WebSphere Portal Implementation

An IBM Cognos Software White Paper

The IBM User Experience Optimization Initiative (UEOI) teams IBM and Omniture to enable WebSphere Portal customers to easily capture and measure the user activity so that portals can be better designed and targeted. This initiative is the first step in implementing our vision to provide an improved and more personalized experience to our clients by allowing them to deploy dynamic and smarter Web solutions.

The UEOI was started because IBM and Omniture were customers demanding better integration. Today integration with site analyzer tools are performed by manually imbedding tags into portlets and themes. Customers want seamlessly integration within each product to enable easy site metric analysis. WebSphere Portal integrated with Omniture will enable IBM and Omniture customers to provide a more personalized experience to their clients by deploying a more dynamic Web solution. This will result in increase revenue with better targeting and decrease cost with automatic tuning. It will also result in increase customer satisfaction, decrease infrastructure costs, and testing costs with better designs. Customers are more willing to buy products that are tested and integrated with their Web analytic infrastructures.

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