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Friday, February 12, 2016 
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Dashboard & Query Analytics Needed for New Project Management Solution

A GeneXus White Paper


GeneXus USA has done a lot of projects through the years. Managing & reporting with Microsoft Project and using spreadsheets were no longer meeting the internal needs. So, the decision was made to “invest” and develop something “in-house.” What better tool to use than GeneXus? There is none. But what about a “dashboard?” The answer for that was to use some cool new user controls that are now available for the GeneXus IDE. The new “Query Object” and “Query Viewer” that were released with GeneXus Evolution 1, September 14, 2009 were used to meet the need for the query analytics requirement. Now, we can “show off” the new solution and at the same time show a little bit about the “how” it was done using GeneXus. Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Word have not gone away but they are no longer “islands” but integrated instead. Team Management & reporting? Done and integrated with GXserver. iPhone viewing? Done.

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