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Sunday, February 14, 2016 
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Server Virtualization: A Step Toward Cost Efficiency and Business Agility

An Avanade White Paper

Executives must constantly re-evaluate and assess their strategies for cost reduction, efficiencies, business agility, faster deployment, and disaster recovery and business continuity. Virtualization offers a first-step solution to the cost equation that arises when technology contends with space.

The business benefits of virtualization are real. But so are the risks. Virtualization isn’t a panacea. IT executives must take a long-term view of virtualization as a foundation for more efficiently run data centers and business operations and align it to their company’s business objectives. When evaluating server virtualization, there are several factors to consider.

In this paper we will explore:

  • What Is Driving Virtualization
  • Virtualization—Like Jelly Beans in a Candy Dish
  • Server Efficiency
  • The ROI on Virtualization
  • The Future of Virtualization Energy—Less Is More
  • Virtualization in Practice
  • The Answer to Virtualization

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