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Sunday, March 29, 2015 
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Server Virtualization: Leveraging the Potential of Your IT Assets

An Avanade White Paper

The data center has become a critical part of the IT infrastructure for many companies, providing the technical foundation for an agile, innovative business. So disorder in the data center, such as competing business application models and security gaps, can lead to serious threats to employee collaboration, customer acquisition, and business growth.

Server virtualization has become a compelling technology to help organizations gain better control over their data centers, cut IT costs, and streamline operations. A key benefit of server virtualization is that it helps consolidate server hardware, resulting in a more adaptive and environmentally friendly data center.

Avanade, a leading global solutions provider, delivers a rich set of tools, expertise, and best practices to customers who are looking to deploy server virtualization technology. Avanade’s experience with customers has shown that server virtualization is “ready for prime time.” Through the proper application of people, processes, and technology, Avanade can provide server virtualization technologies to help organizations achieve more efficiency, lower costs, and greater flexibility in their IT systems.

This paper provides an overview of Avanade’s perspective on server virtualization, including how the technology works, who are its major vendors, and how Avanade can help you implement virtualization in your organization.

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