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Thursday, February 11, 2016 
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CimTrak Benefits Summary: A Practical Look at a CimTrak Deployment

A Cimcor Corporate Brief

Business activities today involve many different systems, platforms, and applications. These include Windows, Mac, and UNIX systems, complex database structures, and both virtual and physical environments. While the applications running on these platforms are as diverse as the companies using them, one thing is common among them. They exist to serve a business need. Some would say they are the business. After all, nothing can impact an organization quicker than when critical systems aren’t performing as expected.

System failures, unpredictable “behavior”, and other disruptions from normal activity have a very real impact on business operations. About the only thing that can be anticipated is that something will go wrong sooner or later. Minimizing or eliminating many of these disruptions is the objective of CimTrak. The purpose of this analysis is to provide some insight into a CimTrak implementation and detail the potential value and benefits as they pertain to these systems.

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