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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 
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Harnessing Predictive Analytics, BI,
Big Data & The Internet of Things

Make your shift to the Data Driven organization through effective integration of these technologies combined with the right leadership strategies.

Best practice information on BI, Predictive Analytics and Big Data is only half the puzzle. The other half is applying the correct leadership strategies to make your evolution to a Data Driven organization.

Join us for this Chicago seminar as we discuss:

  • How area CIOs, CTOs and other Senior Technology Executives are applying the correct leadership strategeis in their Data Driven organizations
  • How area companies are actually using predictive analytics
  • How the Internet of Things ties into the BIG Data picture and ways people are dealing with this new layer of data.
  • The vision of the Data Driven Organization
  • Leadership Strategies for creating change in your organization to a more data driven organization.
  • The keys to integrating BI, Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Creating the foundation for the Data Driven Organization through effective Data Governance and Data Management
  • Measuring and Managing both kinds of big data: Structured and Unstructured.
  • Integrating real time BI and analytics to Big Data
    Embracing new data types, like social media, clickstreams and log files, low-latency data, sensor information and other real-time feeds
  • Storage and infrastructure ramifications of Big Data
  • Security and other risks associated with Big Data


Rob McGillen, Global Head of Technology, Grant Thornton

Rob McGillen, Global Head of Technology, Grant Thornton
Mr. McGillen has 20+ years of technology transformation experience, focused predominantly in the professional services industry.  During his nearly two decades tenure with Grant Thornton LLP, Mr. McGillen has helped establish IT shared services capabilities, PMO, knowledge management, applications and dev/ops capabilities, as well as lead the formation of the GT global technology strategy.   Having worked in 50+ countries, Mr. McGillen brings global markets experience to any discussion, including 'hands on' IT integration experience in BRICS and other emerging economies.

Flo Castro, VP, Data Science, Tegna Digital Ventures

Flo Castro is VP of Data Science with Tegna. She currently serves as Chair of the Tegna Analytics Council and oversees the Business and Advanced Analytics for the G/O Digital Marketing and Cofactor brands to optimize the reach of customers. Tegna operates 46 television stations across 23 states, along with bringing Digital brands such as, Careerbuilder, Clipper, KeyRing, Cofactor, and G/O Digital bring 5,000 of the nation's top firms to 110 local markets.


Dr. Massimo DiPierro Professor and Director of the MS in Computational Finance DePaul University

Prof. Massimo Di Pierro is an expert on Numerical algorithms and Scientific and Financial Applications, specifically Monte Carlo methods applied to Physics and Risk Management. He holds a PhD in Physics and most of his life worked on Parallel Algorithms for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. His research was supported by the Department of Energy. At DePaul he manages the Master of Science in Computational Finance. In recent times he developed an interest on Machine Learning and contributed design and develop the data pipeline. Massimo is the inventor and lead developer of web2py, one of the leading open source software frameworks for agile development of database driven web applications. web2py counts many thousands of users worldwide, won the Bossie Award in 2011 and the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award in 2012. Massimo published more than 70 papers and 3 books.

Leonard Aucamp, CISO, The Vitality Group

Leonard Aucamp has been working in Information Technology for the past 11 years. Born and studied in South Africa, Leonard started out his career with the French based organization Sagem Security and Defense (On the Security side). The core purpose of this business was large scale Biometric systems for Government, Police & Military Agencies and large enterprise agencies (Airports, Interpol, FBI etc).
The last 6 years Leonard has been with Discovery Holdings an Insurance based business with multiple businesses in the portfolio. This includes the UK (Vitality Health & Life), China (Pingan), 11 Asian countries including Australia (AIA), South Africa ( Discovery Health) and the USA (The Vitality Group & John Hancock Vitality). Leonard moved to the US based business to head up the Technology Infrastructure and Security operations and management. The US business has grown 300% in the last 4 years and is on projection to keep growing.


Moderator: Dave Piech, SOLVE

David Piech has more than 30 years of experience working with companies on a nationwide basis helping them implement self-service BI and BI solutions within the financial, manufacturing, distribution, life sciences and healthcare industries. David has helped companies architect solutions from the ground up and also specializes in optimizing existing BI infrastructures to help companies with their mobile, big data and analytics needs in today's ever changing marketplace.


Little Data: Leveraging the Information Insight framework to solve data challenges and achieve rapid ROI, while also creating the foundation for Big Data

- Jeanne-Marie Daly, Management and Technology Consultant, Kenway Consulting

In order to succeed at Big Data initiatives, organizations have to take care of their "Little Data." Kenway thinks of "Little Data" as the foundation to a data environment, the groundwork that allows your organization to turn data into insights, insights into actions, and actions into value. At Kenway, we use the elements of Information Insight to accomplish this. This presentation will explain how leveraging a combination of Data Governance, Data Management, and Business Intelligence will empower your organization to not only pursue Big Data initiatives, but to also reap the benefits of improved visibility into your data along the way.

M2M and IoT Application: The Pros and Cons of Wifi versus Cellular

- Patrick Emmons President & Founder, DragonSpears

- Scott Hutchinson Director of Engineering, TankLink, a Telular Company

While Internet of Things and Web of Things is getting all of the headlines, there is so much more to talk about when connecting devices through Machine to Machine applications. We are going to do a Q&A style discussion with Scott Hutchinson of Telular and hear his thoughts and experiences in when and where to use Wifi versus cellular. Having worked in M2M applications for the last 10 years with Telular, Scott has a unique perspective on where we will see Wifi being implemented in the future and the challenges to uniquitous IoT.

The Internet of Things & Streaming Analytics

-Anwar Parvez Senior Director & Chief Architect at Software AG

We will describe core concepts of a Internet of Things and Streaming Analytics. Where traditional data mining has been used to act retroactively, applied Streaming Analytics in real-time, based on data collected through IoT platforms allows businesses to essentially analyze and act on high-volume operations and customer interactions in real-time.  We will discuss how a combination of these two technologies can be applied in various industries.


Who Should Attend:

  • Senior IT and LOB Executives
  • VPs & Directors responsible for BI, analytics and data management
  • Any IT Executives and Managers who provide data management direction and support to LOB functions
  • CxO's and VP of Development for software developers, VAR's, OEM's and other Technology Companies looking to take advantage of BI, analytics and data management
  • Ecommerce Executives
  • VP's of Marketing & Sales who want to learn more about data management




Chicago, IL
Nov 12, 2015
, 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Union League Club, French Room
65 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago IL 60604

Questions? Call Maria Tuthill in our Chicago office
847-837-3900 x 1


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Contact Alex Jarett at 1-847-837-3900 x2.




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