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Tuesday, March 31, 2020 
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Anatomy of a Hack - How a Hacker Gained Access to the Internal Network

LIVE SESSION: See a network compromised before your eyes, from beginning to end - and how to STOP it.

  • Learn the social engineering trick the hacker uses to lure his victim
  • See what the hacker sees as his victim browses the compromised web site
  • Watch the hacker do his work, which culminates with getting read/write access to the victim's C:\ drive, and then the entire corporate network
  • How to develop an effective, comprehensive strategy for Cybersecurity within the reach of even small budgets
  • Presentation is designed for non-technical audience.

Understanding the cyber threat is a key to implementing an effective strategy, and participants will walk away with a greater comprehension of the threats faced every day.



Webinar Logistics

Friday, Dec 11, 2015 12 pm CT
Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: Complimentary

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Questions? Contact Maria Tuthill at 847-837-3900 x1

Pre-registration required.
Final speakers and topics are subject to change.

About the Presenter

Levi Staal, M.S.C., President and CEO of Abaxio Cybersecurity Services

Levi is President and CEO of Abaxio Cybersecurity Services with Offices in Canada and the U.S.. Abaxio is unique in that its proactive cybersecurity framework is recognized and guaranteed against a hack, breach or network downtime for $10M+ by several of the leading A+ rated insurance carriers.
Levi’s experience has shown that the most effective way to achieve that level of assurance is to examine an organization as a whole, and identify all possible areas of risk, facilitating a customized, comprehensive disaster recovery plan that meets all its specific needs.

This top down, big picture approach is Abaxio’s unique advantage – unlike many other providers of disaster planning, data recovery or network security services, Abaxio has both the specialized expertise and the range of products, both technical and financial, to provide our clients with a complete, cost-effective approach to address cyber risk.

Levi personally oversees all aspects of Abaxio’s performance, and guarantee the highest standards of quality and integrity across all our services. Like Abaxio itself, Levi has the broad, whole picture perspective that only comes with extensive and diverse experience. Levi has worked in the cyber risk management and systems performance fields for more than 20 years, in roles ranging from management consulting to data hosting (having owned and managed five top-rated international hosting companies).
In addition to his work with Abaxio, Levi is acting Chief Technology Officer for several Single and Multi- Family Offices (SFO/MFO) including MFR Equity SFO (Rosenbaum) and others. Levi is also Managing Partner of Benchmark Cyber Partners, a Chicago-based full service commercial lines insurance agency that partners with Abaxio specializing in Network Security & Privacy Liability (“Cyber”) Insurance.


Who Should Attend?

  • IT Executives




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