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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 
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Technology Innovation & Leadership Series:

Emerging Technologies & The Digital Enterprise Seminar

Making the Shift to the Digital Enterprise through Emerging Technology & Innovation

Our Technology Innovation & Leadership Series is designed for CIOs, Senior Technology Executives and Aspiring Technology Leaders. In this important event we'll explore how Emerging Technologies combined with effective leadership is the key ingredient in making the shift to the Digital Enterprise.

We'll start with briefings on new technologies in multiple areas ranging from Mobile, Security and DR, Core Networks and Infrastructure, the Cloud and the Internet of things.

Then a panel of CIO's and Senior IT executives will explain their methodologies and lessons learned in integrating new technologies into their environment as they make the transformation to the Digital Enterprise.

Join us in Milwaukee as we discuss:

  • How area IT Leaders are making the shift to the Digital Enterprise - real stories, real lessons from your peers
  • Technology Innovation & Leadership strategies for leading your company through change
  • Practical use of new technologies in customer, employee and channel systems.
  • Scoping Appropriate Mobility Solutions for Your Digital Enterprise
  • Getting Closer to Your Customer: How To Create Contextually Relevant Experiences
  • How new Infrastructure Technologies are creating the foundation for the Digital Enterprise
  • Methodologies in integrating new technologies into environments while making the transformation to the Digital Enterprise.
  • Meet with other local CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers and other Senior Executives.
  • and more.



The keynote panel will consist of CIOs & Senior IT Executives who will share their insights

Bob Harwood Director - IT Strategy, Planning, and Architecture Dean Health Plan

Bob Harwood Director - IT Strategy, Planning, and Architecture, Dean Health Plan

Bob is an IT professional with experience in IT architecture, development, management, and merger & acquisition. During his career, Bob has built an architecture group for a national health plan, served as interim CIO for a startup, led development of web-based trading for a major retirement investment company, and wrote a real-time OS, back in the day when operating systems were much less plentiful. Currently, Bob is the Director of IT Strategy, Planning, and Architecture at Dean Health Plan in Madison, driving a migration to the Scaled Agile Framework and Omni-channel customer relationship management.


Michael Biagioli, CIO, Waukesha County

Michael Biagioli, CIO, Waukesha County, has over 45 years of experience. Under his leadership, technology has moved into alignment with the business needs of the county, with a focus on measured Return on Investment for the implementation of technology improvements. Mr. Biagioli has moved IT away from custom in-house developed application, traditional for government IT, to an organization that functions as a system integrator for Off-the-Shelf software packages. This has allowed for reduced development staff, while increasing data analysis, business analysis, and project management. Waukesha County has also carefully implemented outsourced functions, where they make business and technical sense.


Kent Newbury Director of Engineering - Innovation, Direct Supply, Inc.

Kent Newbury Director of Engineering - Innovation, Direct Supply, Inc.

Kent Newbury is a Director of Engineering / Innovation at Direct Supply, a Milwaukee-based company that serves the Long Term Care industry. He is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Computer Science. His career has been spent working in software product development, primarily with software for embedded systems. He’s also been involved with the development of training systems, retail analytics systems, and eCommerce systems. Kent has been with Direct Supply for the past 8 years, leading software development programs for the company’s eCommerce solutions. In 2015 Kent moved into a role to foster innovation within the company, and has been working on social robotics, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things projects that are related to care for the elderly.


Moderator: Alex Jarett, Founder and President, Technology Executives Club


Sara Taylor, Sr. Digital Strategist, Solstice Mobile

Driving the Digital Experience Imperative
-Sara Taylor, Sr. Digital Strategist, Solstice Mobile

2016 will give us the chance to redefine the customer experience with multiple new technologies. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) hardware solutions are becoming mainstream. These technologies are not only digitizing our lives, but also engulfing us in vast amounts of data in a constant shift between online and in-person interactions. This talk will introduce the top digital business imperatives for 2016, which must include a focus on customer experience, embracing the post-mobile era, and disrupting your own business before the competition does.


Dan Adams - Regional Sales Manager, Capriza

The Digital Enterprise - Mobilizing existing applications to drive business growth and productivity

Dan Adams - Regional Sales Manager, Capriza

Sinead Aylward Managing Consultant - Business Communications and Applications Burwood Group

-Sinead Aylward Managing Consultant - Business Communications and Applications Burwood Group

Companies have invested millions of dollars and decades of work into automating and customizing their business applications only to find that complex user experiences have hindered their ability to achieve any real productivity and business growth. For years, users have had to adapt to the one-size-fits-all paradigm of enterprise applications, creating a barrier to both reach and adoption of the application. Join this session to learn how innovative mobile development technology that transforms existing business applications into simple, personal, and smart enterprise mobile apps is enabling Burwood Group to have immediate, accurate, CRM updates to drive business health. Hear Sinead Aylward, Managing Consultant - Business Communications and Applications, talk about the journey of going mobile and enabling sales to complete a critical time-sensitive tasks in a minute of time. The "One Minute Enterprise" can be delivered in a matter of weeks - and without requiring IT to invest additional resources into APIs, coding, new security, and upgrades.


Nick Perrino,Networking Channel Practice, Avaya

The Right Foundation for a Smart Digital World
- Nick Perrino,Networking Channel Practice, Avaya

Our world is no longer just evolving, it is transforming. We expect instant, seamless anywhere, anytime access to information. Businesses want to bring together customer and company data, with data from other companies, other machines, the social universe. This has resulted in Digital Enterprise, Digital Government, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things—all moving forward at incredible speed. It’s now a Smart Digital World.

This new world brings limitless possibilities, as well as infinite challenges for those managing business planning and technology. How do you keep up; how do you get ahead? A Smart Digital World needs a smart foundation, one that can help organizations quickly adapt and excel…and transform at the speed of changing business needs.


Biff L. Myre, Director, Onx

Emerging Technologies in DR and the Cloud
- Biff L. Myre, Director, Onx

Virtualization and cloud-enabled solutions offer new possibilities which are transforming and optimizing Data Protection and Disaster Recovery strategies. Virtualization-based technologies are extending high availability and local resiliency to offsite Disaster Recovery fail- and switch-over capabilities (and testing) into "burstable" cloud infrastructure. Traditional backup and archive solutions are integrating into cloud architectures to enable data protection or archiving to the cloud as another option for efficient offsite data protection. New options and capabilities on the availability continuum are allowing organizations to continue to optimize their Data Protection and Recovery Strategies to their business' specific needs - achieving gains in capabilities without the huge capital expenses they once were. Examples of how companies are transforming and optimizing their Data Protection and Disaster Recovery strategies by leveraging these new capabilities and cloud-enabled solutions will be discussed.

Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs
  • Senior IT and LOB Executives
  • VPs & Directors
  • Any IT Executives and Managers



Apr 28, 2016
Milwaukee, WI
7:30 AM to 12 Noon

Milwaukee Athletic Club
758 N. Broadway, Milwaukee WI 53202

Questions? Call Maria Tuthill 847-837-3900 x 1

Get Sponsorship Information:
Call Alex Jarett at 847-837-3900 x 2 or email.


IT Executives & Staff Members

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Providers (Hardware, Software, Consultants)
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Price: $295

Pre-registration required.

Professional business-casual attire required.

Final speakers and topics are subject to change.

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Questions? Contact Alex Jarett at 847-837-3900 x 2 for information

Get Sponsorship Information:
Call Alex Jarett at 847-837-3900 x 2
or email.





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