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Friday, January 24, 2020 
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CIO Book Summaries™ Monthly Webinar

Keep Current With Summaries of Best Selling Books focused on Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation & Digital Leadership!


Join us this month as Alex Jarett provides a summary of:

The Wolf in CIO's Clothing

by Tina Nunno

From Gartner:

"Business is a hotbed for conflict, and CIOs often find themselves at the center. Tina Nunno, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, familiarizes IT leaders with using Machiavellian tactics as a defensive weapon, and as an offensive weapon in extreme situations, so they can increase IT’s contribution to their enterprises."

This webinar is live, so be sure to register today! Hope you can make it.



January 3, 2020, Noon to 1:30 pm CST

This Webinar is Complimentary

Who Should Attend?

Progressive CIOs, and Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives



Jan 3, 2020
Noon to 1:30 pm CST

This Webinar is Complimentary


Contact Maria Tuthill at
847-837-3900 x1

================================== Pre-registration required.
Final speakers and topics are subject to change.

Webinar Sponsors

We are now booking our sponsors. Questions? Contact Alex Jarett at 847-837-3900 x 2 for information


About the Moderator

Alex Jarett, CEO & Founder, Technology Executives Club

Alex is the nationally known founder CEO of The Technology Executives Club and publisher of the Club’s online education site:, and acts as Executive Director of the Club’s Peer Advisory program.

He is passionate about helping progressive executives drive digital transformation and corporate growth through Technology Innovation & Leadership.











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