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Monday, August 02, 2021 
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Data Strategies for Digital Transformation & Competitive Advantage

The Key Strategies to prepare your Data to support Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage

Learn the key strategies CIOs, Chief Data Executives & Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives are using to invest in their data and prepare their organization for Creating Great Customer Experiences, Better Decisions, Drive Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The types Data Projects they are investing in now for the future, including Key Platforms and Tools

  • Driving Digital Transformation Thru Data

  • A fresh approach to BI & Predictive Analytics

  • The Strategic Importance of Data in the Shift to the Intelligent Enterprise

  • The New Unified Analytics

  • Data Ops and Data As a Service

  • Next Generation Data Strategies: Removing Data Gravity

  • Strategies for Data Protection and Compliance During Digital Transformation

Faculty & Agenda:
Check back for new Faculty and Sessions as they are added.

Keynote Panel

Sumeer Khosa, VP of Data Engineering, United Healthcare Group

Jeanette Shutay, Sr. Director, Analytics & Data Science Strategy, HAVI

Jeanette currently serves as the head of Analytics & Data Science Strategy at HAVI, which is a leading organization whose services provide insights and solutions for the world’s largest foodservice brands. In her role at HAVI, Jeanette provides cross-organizational and advanced analytics leadership supporting major company initiatives that involve data science research and products. She has extensive experience working within the supply chain industry relating to forecasting and promotional analytics, as well as data analysis and program evaluation expertise in the non-profit sector. Jeanette also works as an adjunct faculty member where she provides dissertation-related methodological guidance for doctoral learners and develops data science courses. Throughout her career, Jeanette has served various functions in the analytics space, including assessment development, program evaluation, and statistical consulting.

Kyle Dooley, Leader, Global Data Strategy and Analytics at CNH Industrial

Originally from Nova Scotia, Kyle’s career spans more than 20 years in the design and innovation of off-highway equipment, industrial tools, consumer products, medical devices, and digital experiences.

His career began in User Experience Design but shifted to strategy in the early 2010s- leading CNH’s, cross-product technology portfolio.  Most recently, Kyle led development of CNH’s digital transformation strategy- seeking to leverage data from any source to improve the performance, reliability, and user experiences of CNH’s products. 

Kyle holds an BS with honors in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Canada, an MS in Ergonomics and Product Design from Loughborough University in the UK, and an MBA cum laude from the University of Notre Dame. 


MODERATOR : Alex Jarett, Founder & Executive Director, Technology Executives Club &

As Executive Director, Alex is responsibile for our Research, Digital Leadership & Virtual Peer Advisory Programs. He is also responsible for our curriculum programming.





The Strategic Importance of Data in the Shift to the Intelligent Enterprise:
This session will highlight how exponential data growth amplifies the opportunity for enterprises to be more insight led in delivering business value. To realize this opportunity we have to redefine our Target Operating Models with Data at the heart of this SAP enabled transformation. However, a Data Driven Strategy is not just about technology and new platforms - its important, but it has to be balanced with how we think about the new personas in the organization as people become data consumers, not data processors; the data sourcing approaches both from internal and external systems; and finally how data and the associated insight is driving new intelligent processes and business models.   

Sohil Shah, IBM Global Business Services, Global Data & Analytics leader

Trusted Business analytics leader with remarkable success in transforming business problems into effective D&A solutions to improve operations efficiency, increase investment effectiveness, and drive business growth. Technically sophisticated Data & Analytics (D&A) Thought Leader with 16+ years of experience in designing and implementing various business data and analytics solution, strengthening business KPI models by adapting and driving D&A strategic vision. Skilled at maintaining focus with business intelligence and data and analytics initiatives while developing new business strategies and integrating data fabric frameworks (SAP, Azure, AWS, Snowflake) to enable data driven intelligent enterprises.

Allan Coulter, Global CTO for SAP Services, IBM

His work is engineered around driving the next generation of our clients Business Transformation through architecting capabilities in the shift from Transactional excellence to Intelligent Enterprise outcomes. Using the value of exponential technologies, this shift is done by engineering the optimal architectures between SAP and IBM in the likes of Data, Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation.Allan has over 20 years consulting experience in major organisations across all industry sectors, holding many Lead Architect client positions and CTO positions in IBM



Digital Driven Integration - Driving Digital Transformation

Legacy systems hold 80% of the world’s data and are in 71% of Fortune 500 companies.  This becomes a challenge to move quickly as closed legacy systems are not ‘digital-friendly.’ Over 80% of all digital transformation projects are either seriously delayed or fail due to integration challenges. Companies know how to create legacy system APIs, but it takes months putting projects at risk.  In this presentation we will discuss a new approach to Digital-driven integration to reduce risk, cost, time, & resources.

Shawn Crowley, Head of Customer Success and Pre-Sales Engineering, OpenLegacy

Shawn has a deep background in enterprise technology and integration. Recently he joined the OpenLegacy team where he is responsible for technology engagement, engineering, and customer success across North America.  Before joining OpenLegacy, he was the VP of Business Technology and Customer Success at FreedomPay, Inc. where he was responsible for pre-sales Enterprise Architecture and Customer Success for FreedomPay's Global Commerce Platform.  Prior to FreedomPay, Mr. Crowley was the Executive Director and Enterprise Architect with Oracle. He specialized in go-to-market strategy, executive customer engagement, industry specialization and technology. Shawn also ran Architecture and Business Development for Oracle’s Middleware organization and drove the application of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware products, including J2EE containers, SOA products, Security, B2B Integration, and XML technologies. Prior to Oracle, he was the Director of Engineering at The Gartner Group where he managed teams responsible for the development of J2EE products and software.  Additionally, he has been a member of the Faculty of the University of Buffalo for over 20 years where he's taught technology, engineering, and information system courses.    

Accelerate Your Transformation with Unified Analytics

Virtually every company is experiencing exponential growth in data volumes from new sources, including customer and device data from outside of the data center. Many of them are struggling with data silos, including large volumes of historical data stored on-premises, and HDFS and object storage data stored on-premises and in multiple clouds. The most disruptive organizations are able to leverage all of their data to produce real-time and predictive insights that generate value for their customers and their businesses. During this session, Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager for Vertica, will share how you can become a Data Disruptor and accelerate your transformation by producing analytic insights based on all of your data, regardless of where it resides, with unified analytics.

Jeremiah Morrow
Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem,

Jeremiah is responsible for all marketing activities for Vertica’s channel and technology partners. He is passionate about leveraging the power of the ecosystem to create exponential value for customers, partners, and Vertica. Prior to joining Micro Focus, Jeremiah held sales, marketing, and analyst relations roles for a number of technology companies, including OVH, SoftwareONE, and Gartner.



Next Generation Data Strategies: Removing Data Gravity

Every company is a data company and enterprises are on a digital transformation journey to stay competitive. But application transformation programs like CI/CD, SRE, AI/ML and replatforming are starved for data. Without data-ready environments, projects lack the test infrastructure for fast developer feedback, delay root cause analysis in case of events and prevent Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning teams from accelerating the development of algorithms meant to shift the business. As a result, organizations lose developer productivity, miss timelines and overrun budgets.

Over the last two decades, storage, compute, and code have all been automated. But data has remained heavy, slow, and complex. Data is the last automation frontier. Today the world's biggest and most successful companies are not just tech companies. They are data companies—masters of data management and utilization. Delphix is passionate about unlocking the data potential for companies around the world, and helping every company transform into a data company. In Alex's presentation, you will learn about how some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the world are applying modern-day approaches to data by employing the next generation of data strategies.

Alex Hesterberg, Chief Customer Officer, Delphix

Bringing 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Alex leads the Delphix customer success team and works with all business units to deliver on a customer-centric strategy. Over the course of his career, Alex has been responsible for scaling professional services, technical support, sales/pre-sales, channel, and customer success organizations at rapidly growing technology companies. Prior to Delphix, Alex held executive and go-to-market leadership roles at Turbonomic, Pure Storage, Riverbed Technology, and Symantec during their years of hyper-growth. Alex holds a BA from Georgetown University and resides in the Boston area.




Questions whether you qualify? Please contact Maria Tuthill at (847) 837-3900 x1

Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs, CTOs, Senior Technology, Digital, Data & Innovation Executives.
  • CxOs and senior executives responsible for driving digital change.
  • =====================



May 20 , 2021

10:00 am to 1:00 pm CST

This "Virtual Seminar" Webinar is Complimentary

Pre-registration required. Must be Qualified.

Final speakers and topics are subject to change.


All Registrants:

Have the option to Get 30 Day Preview Access to the Data Strategies Channel on our TechnologyExecutivesU™ on-demand member portal when you join our free Insiders Club. 

Included are on-demand presentations and panels from 65 faculty members, including:

  • Diana Salazar, Director Data Protections & Privacy, Follet

  • Patrick Rafferty, VP Information Technology, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

  • Kelly Diekvoss, Director Enterprise Architecture, US Venture

  • Manish Rege, Global Business Partner, Divisional Head of Technology, Stryker

  • Mohan Putcha, VP, Chief Architect & Digital Strategy, Aon

  • Ravi Prasad, Global Head Digital Products & Customer Innovation, The AES Corporation

  • And More! 


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