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  Friday, September 17, 2021 
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Risk Management Strategies: From Ransomware to Data Protection, DR & Full Resiliency

In our annual Risk Management event, we'll explore a variety of topics ranging from Ransomware, to Data Protection, to Full DR & Resiliency!

Join us as we discuss:

  • The Key Foundations of a successful Risk Management Strategy for 2021 and 2022 - get this short list from our speakers so you don't leave the most important strategy out this coming year!

  • The Recent - Ransomware explosion - what caused it, why it will continue and what are the key steps you should take right now to mimimize the thread.
  • Cyber Security Update - The Latest In Trends and New Strategies & Tools You can Implement today

  • Your Disaster Recovery Update - A Polar Vortex, a Global Pandemic - what's next?. Make sure your Disaster Recovery Plan is up to date. .

  • Your Data Strategy - Are you fully compliant and protecting your company from a Data Breach? Get your shortlist of the latest strategies.

  • Tuning up your Full Resiliency Program - before the next disaster causes yet another shift.

Faculty & Agenda:
Check back for new Faculty and Sessions as they are added.


Catrena Slaughter, Head of Enterprise Security Architecture, Mars



Paul Bivian, Director of Information Security, Kirkland & Ellis
John W. Graham, CISO, NetJets

Anthony Giandomenico | Fortinet
Practice Director - Managed Detection and Response and Incident Response



William Noto | Fortinet
Director of Product Marketing - Operational Technologies


David Perez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Progress Software

Zach Raizen  Director, Risk Consulting, RSM

Biff Myre, Director, Solutions, CBTS & OnX


MODERATOR : Alex Jarett, Founder & Executive Director, Technology Executives Club® & TechnologyInnovationU

The Host of CIOs Unleashed!™ Vlog & Podcast. As Executive Director, Alex is also responsibile for our Research, Technology Executives U™, Virtual Peer Advisory Programs and overall curriculum programming.




When, Not If:  Responding when your OT network suffers a ransomware attack

OT infrastructures across industrial sectors like manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas are increasingly becoming the target of sophisticated cyberattacks. Large or small, cyberattacks are making headlines and elevating executive attention toward cyber resiliency.
In the past, many OT infrastructures were self-contained and isolated (or "air gapped") from corporate resources, so they were relatively safe from internet-based threats. Not so much today.  As OT and IT networks converge, outdated and unpatched OT endpoints represent a tempting entry point for cyber attackers. Compounding the problem, OT devices often run on legacy operating systems with limited system resources, which makes them difficult to protect with traditional endpoint security solutions.
To address these security challenges, many organizations have added a broad selection of point security products to cover each new risk exposure.  While a step in the right direction, adding more solutions without integration for a 360-degree view just burdens an already overtaxed security operations team.  
Preparing for, responding to and recovering from cyberattacks should be a strategic part of any business continuity plan.  During this session, we will explore

  • Trends impacting the multiple attack points across the industrial threat landscape
  • Insights garnered from purpose-built threat intelligence and supporting services for developing cyber resilience
  • A platform approach to broad, automated and integrated cyber resilience

Anthony Giandomenico | Fortinet
Practice Director - Managed Detection and Response and Incident Response

30 years comprehensive experience as an Executive, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Security Consultant for companies within information security across all industries. In his current position at Fortinet he is responsible for all aspects of the Incident Response and Managed Detection and Response services including P&L, marketing activities, service delivery and new service development. He has presented, trained and mentored on various security concepts and strategies at many conferences and trade shows such as the Gartner Security Summit, HIMSS15 and ISMG Data Breach Summit and media outlets including a weekly appearance on KHON2-TV morning news “Tech Buzz” segment and Technology News Bytes on OC16, providing monthly security advice among others.

William Noto | Fortinet
Director of Product Marketing - Operational Technologies

William Noto leads Fortinet’s OT security product marketing initiatives globally. Prior to joining Fortinet, William spent 12 years at General Electric in both the GE Wind and GE Digital business units. At GE, William held product management and sales roles developing OT security offerings including WindSCADA Secure, the Predix Edge platform, and the OpShield and Achilles product lines. William holds an MBA from the UMass Isenberg School of Management and a BA in Computer Science from Middlebury College.





Minimizing File Sharing Risks for a Distributed Workforce

The digital workforce jumped years into the future, with threats and vulnerabilities following at equally alarming rates. With remote work, here to stay, we’ve had to revisit the security of our most valuable data both at rest and in transit. It’s more important than ever to take a hard look at what practical steps can be taken to secure files and reduce risk among our organizations. 

Join this session as we discuss:  
·         The threats our files face during their lifecycle  
·         Practical steps to secure file sharing among a hybrid workforce  
·         Best practices to improve data security  
·         How a Managed File Transfer solution can help  

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Progress Software

David Perez has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and is a Product Expert for MOVEit Managed File Transfer.



Security Concepts & Updates for 2021

With technology’s constant evolution—and countless high-profile data breach and security incidents—IT leaders are under increased pressure to ensure that they are proactively evaluating and addressing IT risk. During this session RSM’s Director of Risk Consulting, Zach Raizen will highlight security and risk concepts, cloud risks, and recent ransomware trends of which organizations need to be mindful.

Zach Raizen  Director, Risk Consulting, RSM

Zach is part of the RSM security and privacy risk consulting practice. With over ten years of experience in the information security field, he has led, managed and executed a variety of IT security projects, including application security reviews, network penetration testing, security testing, information privacy assessments, data flow mapping, IT security governance and risk management engagements. His focus is on network and application security, and information security strategy and program management. 


Re-Architecting Resiliency & Recovery Strategies After Accelerated 

Most, if not all, organizations have had profound technology & business process changes with the global pandemic, extreme weather impacts, cybersecurity threats, supply-chain disruptions, massive work-from-home enablement measures, and accelerated cloud- and digital-transformation initiatives. What can happen next!
Now, after you have successfully made these pivots at break-neck speeds, it may be time to re-assess how each may have impacted your data protection, resiliency & recovery capabilities. Are there new or different risk and impacts to consider? Has your transformation been evolution or revolution? How much re-alignment with risk-mitigation strategies and tactics may be
needed? Join us in discussing practical tips, including:
· Future-proofing your approach
· New and different threats/challenges
· Exercising strategies with scenarios

Biff Myre, Director, Solutions, CBTS & OnX

Biff is a thought leader in managing and mitigating Enterprise and IT risk across Hybrid IT Cloud environments. A consummate professional, he partners with organizations to help them develop or optimize their solutions for availability, resiliency, security, data protection and disaster recovery/business continuity. He is experienced with many regulated industries including financial, insurance, transportation, utilities, and healthcare.




Keynote Panel

Catrena Slaughter, Head of Enterprise Security Architecture, Mars

Catrena Slaughter is currently Head of Enterprise Security Architecture at Mars Inc, based in Chicago, IL. In this role, she is accountable for the strategy to keep Mars assets secure from emerging cyber threats, while meeting security requirements for global data privacy and regulations. While at Mars, Catrena led the transformation for Mars Factory Cyber Security which has improved the cyber protections of their manufacturing assets. Catrena joined Mars from Whirlpool Corporation with experience driving Digital Transformations while apart of the Global Information Systems and Integrated Supply Chain organizations. Catrena has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Notre Dame and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Central Michigan University. Catrena reside is Chicago, IL with her husband and two children.  She has a passion for STEM exposure and career development in underrepresented communities.


John W. Graham, CISO, NetJets

John W. Graham, CISO, NetJets

Paul Bivian, Director of Information Security, Kirkland & Ellis

Paul Bivian is the Director of Information Security at Kirkland & Ellis. With over twenty five years of IT and Information Security experience, Paul has worked in organizations across the financial, managed security, insurance, transportation, government and legal sector. Over 75% of his career has been focused around information security. As Director of Information Security, he is responsible for oversight and management of the Governance, Compliance, Threat/Vulnerability Management and Incident Response programs. In a previous role as the CISO for the City of Chicago, he was responsible for measuring, communicating and responding to cyber risks for City of Chicago assets. He led the Information Security Office (ISO) in delivering and enforcing key objectives around strategy, framework, policy and procedures that align to the City’s needs as well as legislative, regulatory and industry best practices.


MODERATOR : Alex Jarett, Founder & Executive Director, Technology Executives Club® & TechnologyInnovationU

The Host of CIOs Unleashed!™ Vlog & Podcast. As Executive Director, Alex is also responsibile for our Research, Technology Executives U™, Virtual Peer Advisory Programs and overall curriculum programming.



Questions Please contact Maria Tuthill at (847) 837-3900 x1


Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs (Chief Information Officer)
  • CxOs
  • CTOs (Chief Technology Officer)
  • All Senior Technology Executives
  • Chief Innovation Officers and Senior Innovation executives
  • Chief Technology Officers and Senior Technology Executives
  • Chief Digital Officers and Senior Digital Executives
  • Technology VPs & Directors responsible for driving change
  • CISO - Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Cyber Security executives





Thursday, September 23 10:00am to 1:00pm CST

Registration required.

This "Virtual Seminar" Webinar is Complimentary


Final speakers and topics are subject to change.




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