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Saturday, October 24, 2020 
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Emerging Technology Summit
& Holiday Luncheon- 2019

Explore both leading edge and practical applications of emerging technology.

A/I, Autonomous humans, RPA, Blockchain, Hyper Automation - when you look up 2020 emerging technology trends, the list reads like science fiction, but it's not! In this new look at our annual Emerging Technology Summit we'll explore the two sides of the Emerging Technology "coin":

  • Side One: The Leading Edge! Learn how a few select area companies are creating the “Intelligent Enterprise” by implementing: Artificial Intelligence, The Cloud, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Business Process Automation and/or Robotic Process Automation

  • Side Two:  Leveraging "common" emerging technologies.  What are emerging technologies for MOST companies, and how are they integrating them into their technology stack and business processes.  For example, Cloud Computing, Low Code, IOT, Analytics and more.

By the end of the day you’ll have a great perspective of both the “exciting” newer technology and how it might be part of your vision, to how to gain practical advantages from your next best use of emerging technology!  Join us!

Included our first annual Contribution
Awards and Holiday Luncheon.

Faculty & Agenda:

Carl Deal, Managing Vice President, Executive Programs, Gartner
Keynote Briefing)

Suresh Bellam , Head of Enterprise Architecture , CDW

Quentin Kenny, Program Manager: Intelligent Solutions - RPA, CDW
(Intelligent Enterprise Case Study)


Andre Coetzee, Enterprise Solutions Engineer: Intelligent Solutions - AI, CDW
(Intelligent Enterprise Case Study)

Joe Kessler, Machine Learning Specialist: Intelligent Solutions - AI, CDW
(Intelligent Enterprise Case Study)

Brian Cleveland, Vice President IT,  Vi Senior Living



Mohammed Owais Nasir, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Aon

Sai Ravichandran, Director of IT, The Morton Arboretum
Scott D. Jessee, PMP, Vice President, Data and Information Technology, Delta Dental Plans Association
Jeanette Shutay,  Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, HAVI

Anoop Verma, MS MBA PMP Director, IT - Custom Software Development and Emerging Technologies Innovation The Joint Commission


Mayank Joshi, Sr. Platform Services Manager, Uline

Karen Wiltgen, Principal, RSM US LLP

Dan Sutherland, IBM Services, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Data Platforms/Cognitive Process Transformation

Ryan Maguire, CTO & VP of Strategic Growth and Emerging Capabilities, Solstice

Brian Quinn, Vice President Global Services, CBTS   

Mark Panthofer, VP - DevOps and Container Platforms, NVISIA



Session: Gartner 2020 Technology Trends Forecast 

Carl Deal will share with you the latest and greatest Refresh Technology Trends from Gartner's Annual Symposium. Carl will combine this presentation with key insights from Gartner's annual CIO Trends Survey.          

    Carl Deal, Managing Vice President, Executive Programs, Gartner

    Carl  supports CIOs and senior executives across the Global 1000. His primary areas of focus include global technology and business strategic planning, IT business optimization, technology innovation, and business re-engineering.

Session: Case Study: CDW Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Review

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can complement human activities and mimic repetitive, decision-based processes on the desktop. Given standardized data inputs, our bots are driving transactions through workflows, freeing coworkers to consider the more tactical and strategic aspects of their roles. Artificial intelligence (AI) has now come of age. CDW refers to this as the Age of With: a world where humans are aided and augmented by automation. The power of automation is the power to reimagine the way organizations do things. But that can only happen when organizations understand the tools AI gives them and are ready to absorb and adopt these technologies. With Intelligent Solutions (RPA, AI), CDW is transforming their business processes - not only achieving higher speed and precision, but also automating predictions and decisions on the basis of structured and unstructured inputs. Our case study reveals that three primary benefits increased productivity & cost reduction; greater accuracy; and an improved customer experience.

    Quentin Kenny, Program Manager: Intelligent Solutions - RPA, CDW

    With a record of heading successful large-scale Projects as a Lead Application Developer on the Enterprise Solutions team and a history of saying “Yes” to learning new technologies, Quentin was tasked with leading the operationalization of RPA at CDW. The success of a pilot process had CDW looking to onboard RPA into its stable of established applications and delivery practices. In effect, this meant inaugurating the RPA COE while simultaneously finding and delivering on valuable use cases across the breadth of CDW business units. Having instituted a more robust delivery methodology and with increasing confidence from each successive use case, Quentin is looking toward further scaling of RPA at CDW and the transformational nature it can bring to work. Quentin is especially inspired by the opportunity that automation presents for CDW coworkers to critically consider long-standing business processes which, for lack of time due to the demands of completing said processes, have long gone unexamined.


    Andre Coetzee, Enterprise Solutions Engineer: Intelligent Solutions - AI, CDW

    As an Enterprise Solutions Engineer at CDW, Andre Coetzee has successfully delivered solutions for eCommerce, including most recently, managing a program to migrate CDW's eCommerce sites from a monolithic code base to a microservices-based solution. Relying on experience delivering solutions on platforms as diverse as IBM mainframe and Microsoft .NET, Andre has embraced a new challenge of addressing business problems by integrating machine learning into business applications. He has worked to scale solutions incorporating machine learning by applying best practices building enterprise systems.

    Joe Kessler, Machine Learning Specialist: Intelligent Solutions - AI, CDW

    Drawing upon over 20 years of architecture and development experience, Joe offers wisdom from many technologies while also looking forward to the machine learning revolution. An innovator at heart, Joe has been involved in many projects at CDW that have had important business and customer impact, as well as operational and development efficiency gains. Joe's passion is bringing together different techniques and technologies to create new solutions.

Session: Keynote Panel: The People, Process and Technology Lessons Learned from Leveraging "common" emerging technologies.

For most companies, the more “common” emerging technologies are less leading edge and more of the early majority type of technologies, like Cloud, Low Code, IOT and Analytics and more. So these implementations are perfect to explore the real challenges of change - the People, Process & Technologies. Learn how these leaders are driving real change in their organization as they implement these emerging technologies

    Brian Cleveland, Vice President IT,  Vi Senior Living

    Brian Cleveland leads the technology strategy and IT program execution at Vi Senior Living. He is responsible for the management and support of the information technology department which includes enterprise applications, information security, and the underlying networks and systems including the data center. 


    Sai Ravichandran, Director of IT, The Morton Arboretum

    Sai Ravichandran is an information technology executive with experience in not for profit and academic environments. She is currently the Director of Information Technology at the Morton Arboretum. In her current role, she directs the digital and technology strategy and is responsible for enterprise system and applications, information security and communication and collaboration systems. Prior to the Arboretum, she worked at Western Michigan University and the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center. She is a Kellogg Executive Scholar and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, India and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Western Michigan University. She is PMP certified and ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt certified.


    Scott D. Jessee, PMP, Vice President, Data and Information Technology, Delta Dental Plans Association

    Scott Jessee has over 17 years’ experience in the financial services and healthcare industries. He joined Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) in 2012 and is currently serving as the vice president of data and information technology where he oversees technology strategy, product and application management, security, infrastructure, architecture, data strategy and data operations. Prior to DDPA, Scott worked for 10 years within information technology at CNA Insurance, a Fortune 500 property and casualty B2B insurance carrier, primarily focusing on delivery, application development and support of CNA’s policy administration, claims, underwriting, sales and distribution, and specialty systems. As a seasoned executive, Scott has extensive expertise in building cross-functional strategies, analyzing complex business situations, enabling digital capabilities, developing innovative options, and elevating collaboration to value within the Board suite. Scott earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from Indiana University Kelley’s School of Business, followed by the completion of a M.B.A. in finance from DePaul University.


    Karen Wiltgen, Principal, RSM US LLP

    Karen Wiltgen is a principal in RSM’s Management Consulting practice.  She brings over 25 years of experience specializing in software selection, business improvement and transformation, IT governance optimization and systems implementation. Her industry experience includes manufacturing, business & professional services, not-for-profit, insurance and healthcare.  She has over 12 years experience performing digital transformation assessments that help management align technology to the business strategy and position their organization for success.

Session: Keynote Panel:  The Leading Edge

Learn how a few select companies are actually leveraging the hottest in emerging technologies, ranging from A/I and Robotics to Block Chain and more!

    Jeanette Shutay,  Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, HAVI

    Jeanette Shutay is Senior Director of Advanced Analytics where she leads the Center of Excellence at HAVI, which is a leading organization whose services provide insights and solutions for the world’s largest foodservice brands.  In her role at HAVI, Jeanette provides cross-organizational and advanced analytics leadership supporting major company initiatives that involve data science research and software development.  She has extensive experience working within the supply chain industry relating to forecasting and promotional analytics.  Jeanette also works as an adjunct faculty member where she provides dissertation-related methodological guidance for doctoral learner and develops data science courses.  Throughout her career, Jeanette has served various functions in the analytics space, including assessment development, program evaluation, and statistical consulting.


    Mohammed Owais Nasir, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Aon

    Mohammed Owais Nasir is an accomplished Technology Strategy leader focusing on Intelligent Automation, DevOps, Cloud, and Analytics. He is currently working as Director, Enterprise Architecture in the CTO function for Aon where he also leads Aon’s Technology Architecture Board for adoption of new technology standards globally.  Most recently, he has been leading Aon’s Cloud DevSecOps transformation initiative with a particular focus on self-service cloud enablement for startups and innovation focused BUs at Aon. This year he has also be involved with Aon’s contact center transformation program, including the adoption of AI/Low-code capabilities to modernize the platform for enhanced experience and scale. Prior to that he led the strategy and architecture for Aon’s Enterprise Analytics Platform that was stood up for Aon business units globally. Mohammed is based in the Chicagoland area where he acquired his undergraduate and graduate management degrees from Northwestern University. In 2019, he also completed a certificate program from MIT on Artificial Intelligence, which continues to be a particular area of interest for him among emerging technologies.



    Suresh Bellam , Head of Enterprise Architecture, CDW

    Suresh Bellam is Head of Enterprise Architecture at CDW. Responsible to lead the development and evolution of the enterprise architecture (EA) program which ensures that CDW IT is properly aligned as an enabler of CDW’s business strategy. Act as a thought leader to drive overall business value by recommending technologies that leverage CDW’s best practices and standards, while also identifying ways to improve existing enterprise assets and business applications. Suresh loves technology and its application in helping companies drive growth, deliver productivity and inspire innovation. Over the past 20 years, Suresh had the chance to work in multiple industries, countries and companies. Suresh holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's in management information systems.


    Anoop Verma, MS MBA PMP Director, IT - Custom Software Development and Emerging Technologies Innovation The Joint Commission

    Anoop Verma leads Technical Product Management and Enterprise Applications for a not for profit global leader in healthcare dedicated to patient safety and healthcare quality. Prior to this, he led strategy, planning, architecture and delivery function in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He has led as well as advised on major organizational transformations from Waterfall to Agile project portfolio delivery, from cost center to change catalyst, and tactical service provider to innovation partner. With over 20 years of technology and business leadership, Mr. Anoop Verma has the unique experience and practical insights on Organizational Agility and how a structured approach to customer experience is critical in achieving this. With Project Management, Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management experience, he has led organizations convert disruptions into opportunities to deliver sustainable value, in both large firms as well as high growth mid-size organizations. An inspirational leader, Mr. Verma graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (earlier called University of Roorkee), India before getting his Masterís degree from Wayne State University, Detroit and M.B.A. from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Session: From Runbooks to Playbooks - Transforming Platform Operations to Support Microservices Architecture and Beyond

Mayank, as a Senior Platform Service Manager, describes his journey at Uline from traditional monolithic applications to open source powered Microservices and beyond. He describes the motivations for starting the journey and some important lessons learned along the way.  The presentation, concludes with deeper dive into a recent chapter of the journey where Mark joined the team for a discovery and road map initiative to define Uline's approach to containers, kubernetes and service mesh with an on-prem, cloud portable platform. 

    Mayank Joshi, Sr. Platform Services Manager, Uline

    Mayank has more than 15 years of experience in Systems engineering and architecture. He currently manages the Java Engineering and Purchasing modernization teams at Uline. At Uline, Mayank built the "Platform Services" team to extablish and support critical Platform Engineering and Operations functions. Applying principles of GitOps and infrastructure-as-code(IaC), his team employed a hybrid approach using a mix of open source and commercial tools to leverage the power of declarative constructs in building a scalable platform for running a enterprise class micro-service based architecture.


    Mark Panthofer, VP - DevOps and Container Platforms, NVISIA

    As a software engineer, solution architect and author, Mark provides expert guidance to regional IT organizations in the area of DevOps, Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Cloud Native technology adoption.  In March he published a book, Mastering Docker Enterprise (Packt Publishing). He also manages NVISIA's Docker Enterprise Partnership and works closely with the Docker Enterprise Professional Services teams as a Docker-accredited consultant and Docker Certified Associate, where he provides advisory services on the best practices for adopting Docker and Kubernetes for developers, DevOps, and operations teams. In addition to consulting,  Docker Enterprise Training organization as an active member of the Docker Curriculum Committee and as an accredited instructor. He is also a co-organizer of the Docker Chicago and the Docker Milwaukee meetups.


Session: How a Cognitive Enterprise re-invents from the inside out

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. The 'outside-in' digital transformation focus is giving way to the 'inside-out' potential of reshaped standard business architectures and intelligent workflows thanks to an unprecedented convergence of forces and exponential technologies. This framework has given birth to Cognitive Enterprises who are defining and pursuing a bold vision to realize new sources of value and restructure their industries, missions and business models. Hear how and where executives are focusing on becoming smarter businesses to take advantage of exponential technologies and capitalizing on vast amounts of data to reinvent and transform from within.

    Dan Sutherland, IBM Services, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Data Platforms/Cognitive Process Transformation

    Dan is known for providing exceptional executive leadership as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Data Platforms CTO. He is an expert at transforming a client's strategic business vision into innovative solutions while exploiting leading edge technologies. An accomplished Chief Solutions Architect, Dan has defined his career by taking on the most challenging and complex assignments focusing on resolving complex data architecture and design issues. He is at his best when advising on very large, high volume data-centric projects where sound data architecture and design techniques are key components to a successful solution implementation.

Session: Serverless Computing: Where and How It Can Provide A Competitive Advantage.

Serverless computing can provide a competitive advantage in the speed of your application development and your digital transformation agility. Your developers need not worry about infrastructure management. Applications can scale automatically, mirroring their actual usage and demand without impacting end user experience. And cost is based on the amount of resources consumed rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity. In this session you will learn about the ideal fit for Serverless Computing environments and where it fits vs Containerization.  We will also present case studies on how enterprises have practically implemented Serverless Computing to solve their business and IT challenges. 

    Brian Quinn, Vice President Global Services, CBTS   

    Brian is responsible for delivering services to CBTS’ largest customers. These services range in scope from developing cloud-native applications in public clouds to the deployment and management of private clouds leveraging VMWare and OpenStack. Brian also leads a Research and Development program focused on Cloud-Native application development for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) including edge computing analytics and large-scale data ingestion.

Session: Innovation as a Service; a deep dive into FWD19, Solstice's Annual Digital Innovation Summit

Join us as we explore how Solstice | Kin and Carta leverages innovation as a service to produce immersive emerging technology experiences that showcase the art of the possible. Discover how these experiences have directly impacted peoples’ lives and businesses by creating new perspectives, ways of thinking, and, ultimately, have become shared breakthrough discoveries that drive change and accelerate innovation.

    Ryan Maguire, CTO & VP of Strategic Growth and Emerging Capabilities, Solstice

    Ryan Maguire is CTO & VP of emerging capabilities and partnerships at Solstice. He has 18 years of experience helping large organizations grow by making data-driven decisions and optimizing human and business capital. His foundation in the technology industry includes experience in delivering quality digital solutions, developing resilient business partnerships, and transforming corporate cultures. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's in information technology management.


Questions whether you qualify? Please contact Maria Tuthill at (847) 837-3900 x1

Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs
  • CxOs
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Digital Officers
  • VPs & Directors responsible for driving change


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What Participants Say About
Our Summits

"The Summit was a great day's investment for any CIO/IT leader to heighten knowledge of technology trends and IT leadership insight."
Tom Hupp, VP of IT Young Innovations, Inc.

"I was so inspired I couldn't wait to get back into the office and start changing the world!"
Julie Garnter, Director of Information Systems & Technology, Kenall

"Amazing how Tec pulls in such high quality presenters and panels.  Great job Alex & Maria!"

"I was so engrossed and interested in the program I didn't check my phone or email all day."  

"The depth and breadth of information shared is priceless"

"Mind and career expanding, thank you!" “Very informative"

"Informative and inspiring!"  "Excellent!"  

"Strong content, topics, participants"  "Great education"

"Great, thought provoking session”    "Fantastic leadership insights "

"Good insights and examples of management approaches"

"Good event!  Thought provoking.  I'll attend the next one."

"Outstanding examples and use cases to clarify points" 


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