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  Monday, May 23, 2022 
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Data Strategies Summit 2020

Data Analytics & the Cloud, Ecommerce Data, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Includes Special
Ecommerce Data Showcase

The movement towards digital transformation combined with emerging technologies, enhanced digital customer experiences and an increased level of treats dictate a new set of Data Strategies for 2020.

Join us as we explore the three pillars of data strategies for effective Digital Transformation & Innovation in 2020:

  • Pillar One:  Data Analytics & the Cloud

  • Pillar Two:  Ecommerce Data

  • Pillar Three:  Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Faculty & Agenda:

Derek Lilley, VP, Data Analytics & Insights, Cresco Labs

Jeanette Shutay, Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, HAVI

Gustav Toppenberg, Ph.D., Chief Architect - Global IT Director, Boston Consulting Group

Alison Kassel, CIO, Workforce Management Group, TrueBlue
Peiman Navid, VP & CIO, BGE, Ltd. – A service company of The Bradford Exchange and Hammacher Schlemmer
Nathan Patrick Taylor, CIO, Symphony Post Acute Network

Reza Rooholamini, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Technology, CCC Information Services

Mohammed Owais Nasir, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Aon

Dan Sutherland, IBM Services, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Data Platforms/Cognitive Process Transformation
Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve

Matthew Kaseeska, CEO, Networks Consulting Resources 

Charles Bachmann, Multi Cloud Adoption Strategist, VAST


Session: Case Study Cresco Labs: “How we went from very little data analytics to Industry Leading Analytics, at break neck speed, in a completely New Industry”

Legal cannabis is a relatively new, yet highly-regulated and compliance-driven industry.  These dynamics pose both challenges and opportunities to cannabis operators; hear how Cresco Labs was quick to recognize Data as a strategic unlock to winning in cannabis and how, in break neck speed, it has evolved the use of Data for decisions across the entire organization.  

    Derek Lilley, VP, Data Analytics & Insights, Cresco Labs

    Derek Lilley is the Vice President of Data, Analytics, & Insights at Cresco Labs.  In his role, Derek has responsibility for data strategy, data science, and business insights across the organization.  Prior to joining Cresco, Derek held leadership roles and led transformational change in the space of Data & Analytics at multinational companies such as Mars/Wrigley and PepsiCo.  Cresco Labs is one of the largest, vertically integrated, multi-state operators cannabis operators in the United States.

Session:Case Study: HAVI’s Data Science Transformative Journey

The purpose of this presentation is to walk you through HAVI’s journey of building a machine learning and AI infrastructure to support the development of advanced analytics solutions.  This presentation will cover topics such as generating and communicating a data science business case, the adoption of Cloud and open source technologies, building and leading a data science team, selecting an organizational model, aligning and collaborating with business units and technology, and developing a community of practice. 

    Jeanette Shutay,  Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, HAVI

    Jeanette Shutay is Senior Director of Advanced Analytics where she leads the Center of Excellence at HAVI, which is a leading organization whose services provide insights and solutions for the world’s largest foodservice brands.  In her role at HAVI, Jeanette provides cross-organizational and advanced analytics leadership supporting major company initiatives that involve data science research and software development.  She has extensive experience working within the supply chain industry relating to forecasting and promotional analytics.  Jeanette also works as an adjunct faculty member where she provides dissertation-related methodological guidance for doctoral learner and develops data science courses.  Throughout her career, Jeanette has served various functions in the analytics space, including assessment development, program evaluation, and statistical consulting.

Session: Panel One:  Data Strategies for Data Analytics, Driving Ecommerce and Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

In this panel we’ll explore the three areas of Data Strategy that progressive companies are utilizing in their Digital Transformation Journey. 

1. How companies are implementing Data Analytics;

2. How data can drive ecommerce;

3. How data strategy impacts the company’s ability to effectively leverage A/I and RPA.

    Alison Kassel, CIO, Workforce Management Group, TrueBlue

    Alison Kassel is Chief Information Officer, Workforce Management Group, TrueBlue. She is a versatile business technology leader, with experience in developing strategies, transforming organizations, implementing portfolio management and governance models, and delivering solutions enabling organizations to achieve their strategic and operating plan objectives. Alison was CIO of Seaton before its acquisition by TrueBlue in 2014. Prior to that, Alison has held significant IT roles for highly respected organizations such as U.S. Cellular, McDonalds, Motorola, NutraSweet, and Andersen Consulting.


    Peiman Navid, VP & CIO, BGE, Ltd. – A service company of The Bradford Exchange and Hammacher Schlemmer

    Began career as software engineer in Financial Services.  Developed applications for Funds Transfer, Bankcard Management, ATM Network Monitoring/Management and Software Distribution.  Then moved into consulting and headed up an Automated Software Testing practice and a Data Warehousing practice for a startup consulting company.   After 7 years, returned to the corporate world to lead the Data Services and Application Development groups for a large printing company.  Subsequent to that, led a 5 year transformation program to replace aging core applications for a major bank.  In my current role as CIO at BGE, Ltd. I have managed the company through significant modernization in infrastructure – network, UCaaS, servers & storage, desktop computing, etc. - as well as ecommerce and call center platforms.  Currently at the beginning stages of replacing a 30 year old legacy ERP system with a commercial solution.  

    Nathan Patrick Taylor, CIO, Symphony Post Acute Network

    Nathan’s history with Symphony has included roles as a Clinical Informatics Consultant and Director of Data Science and Analytics.  In those roles, his projects ranged from producing clinical intelligence dashboards to developing and integrating predictive models into an electronic health record system workflow while building an Enterprise-level data warehouse. 
    Nathan was crucial in implementing cutting edge data infrastructure technologies such as DataRobot, Alteryx, and Snowflake.  While at Symphony, Nathan was named a “Data Science Superhero” by DataRobot.  Nathan was invited to lead the Healthcare User Group at Alteryx, a role he still holds today and is Core Certified in Alteryx Designer.  He is also an AHIMA Certified Health Data Analyst and a HIMSS Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems.  Nathan has conducted data analytics training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as part of the AHIMA World Congress. 
    Nathan recently completed a research project, with Dr. Elizabeth Ritt, focused on reducing 30-day readmissions in a post-acute care setting.  The international nursing journal “Clinical Nursing Studies”, a peer-reviewed journal, recently published their research.  He is currently working with researchers at the University of Chicago on Age-Friendly Health Systems and opioid reduction research. 

    Moderator: Matthew Kaseeska, CEO, Networks Consulting Resources 

    In his role as Partner of Net Works Consulting Resources, Matthew has a wide range of experience from the application of technology in a variety of different environments to acting as a fractional CIO / CISO for multiple clients. His role as a strategic IT advisor, over the past 20 years, has allowed him to grow his experience in IT / Building Teams / Project Management and Cyber Security in many verticals including; Healthcare, Manufacturing, POS and the Service industry.  Matthew is a 2011 Graduate of MIT with his Executive Masters degree with a focus on systems and process. This educational experience inspired him to create an Agent, JACK, that resides on the PC’s and servers that lowers overall help desk tickets by over 30% through proactive, programmed intelligence.

Session: Panel Two: Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Drive Speed of Data Strategy Transformation

Learn how companies are using emerging technologies to buy speed in their big data strategies - ranging from A/I, to Cloud to any of the new, emerging tools that are now available.  Learn what really is working for progressive data strategies. 

    Gustav Toppenberg, Ph.D., Chief Architect - Global IT Director, Boston Consulting Group

    A goal-oriented, insightful and seasoned strategic executive & transformation agent, with 20+ years of experience in start-up, high-growth and fortune 100 companies. Extensive experience building & leading transformational efforts for both small & global operations. A strong track record of achievements in leading and enabling cross-functional alignment, transformation & delivering client centered results.

    I continue to strike a balance between professional & academic endeavors, through my practitioner work at growth oriented companies and my academic work at Copenhagen Business School, UC Berkeley and Stanford. The opportunity to get deeply involved in specific real-world practitioner issues and then to step back and reflect on broader trends helps to be more effective on both fronts. My goal is to continue to peer over the horizon to understand how the impact of emerging technology mgmt. on business transformation is being reshaped & to translate the insights into actionable advice that deliver tangible impact to businesses today.

    Reza Rooholamini, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Technology, CCC Information Services

    Dr. Reza Rooholamini is responsible for the architecture, development operations, new technologies, Innovation Foundry, Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced product development at CCC, the leading SaaS technology provider to the U.S. auto insurance industry. Since joining CCC in 2013, Dr. Rooholamini’s responsibilities have included the full end-to-end architecture and technologies associated with the SaaS operation of CCC suite of service offerings. Before CCC, Dr. Rooholamini was responsible for the operating systems and complex computer solutions at Dell Inc. These solutions included database, messaging, super computers and data centers. He also worked as the engineering manager and architect at NCR and AT&T and as the professor of computer sciences at University of Wisconsin.

    Mohammed Owais Nasir, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Aon

    Mohammed Owais Nasir is an accomplished Technology Strategy leader focusing on Intelligent Automation, DevOps, Cloud, and Analytics. He is currently working as Director, Enterprise Architecture in the CTO function for Aon where he also leads Aon’s Technology Architecture Board for adoption of new technology standards globally.  Most recently, he has been leading Aon’s Cloud DevSecOps transformation initiative with a particular focus on self-service cloud enablement for startups and innovation focused BUs at Aon. This year he has also be involved with Aon’s contact center transformation program, including the adoption of AI/Low-code capabilities to modernize the platform for enhanced experience and scale. Prior to that he led the strategy and architecture for Aon’s Enterprise Analytics Platform that was stood up for Aon business units globally. Mohammed is based in the Chicagoland area where he acquired his undergraduate and graduate management degrees from Northwestern University. In 2019, he also completed a certificate program from MIT on Artificial Intelligence, which continues to be a particular area of interest for him among emerging technologies.


    Moderator: Charles Bachmann, Multi Cloud Adoption Strategist, VAST

    Charles Bachmann is a Cloud Solutions veteran, with 10 years in the private and public cloud market. His proficiency with the three leading public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP) has allowed him to be an early adopter of digital transformation trends. Charles and the VAST Technical team implement cloud strategies based on data analytics that take advantage of multi cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. His consultative approach, with the backing of a proven 30-year IT solution provider in VAST, has created a roadmap approach to answering many of the toughest IT and data strategy questions. His role in driving business outcomes around an IT without limits or boundaries, keeps the race of the digital transformation era exciting and ever changing. Charles is a graduate of Loyola Univ and continues to foster relationships here in the Midwest that have tied him to the growth and success of multiple Chicago based SaaS providers and App developers. When Charles is not talking tech he is active in the development of the Chicago soccer community.

Session: The urgent need (and opportunity) for a Data Enterprise Fabric and a Modern Data Architecture

Today's enterprises require a formal blueprint and structure to define and view data across the organization independent of particular infrastructure and cloud requirements. A stable underpinning of data that is visible and usable across an entire enterprise - regardless of inevitable business process changes - is only possible through a data enterprise fabric approach coupled with a modern data architecture that brings order to chaos and positions the organization to fully exploit that its valuable data through the use of today's wide variety of exponential technologies (AI, automation, IoT, Blockchain, and 5G).

    Dan Sutherland, IBM Services, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, Data Platforms/Cognitive Process Transformation

    Dan is known for providing exceptional executive leadership as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Data Platforms CTO. He is an expert at transforming a client's strategic business vision into innovative solutions while exploiting leading edge technologies. An accomplished Chief Solutions Architect, Dan has defined his career by taking on the most challenging and complex assignments focusing on resolving complex data architecture and design issues. He is at his best when advising on very large, high volume data-centric projects where sound data architecture and design techniques are key components to a successful solution implementation.

Session: Getting Started with a Machine Learning POC

Data Science tools, from open source libraries to commercial automated machine learning platforms, are evolving fast. Current technologies make it easier than ever to prepare data, train and tune predictive models, and put those models into production. In this talk we will provide an overview of machine learning, discuss a few tools in this space and explore how recent developments automate much of the traditional data science work flow. Finally, we will discuss how to get started with a Machine Learning at your organization.

    Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve

    Greg is a Principal with Solve, and is based in Chicago, IL. He architects solutions to provide data warehouses, dashboards and visualizations. The goal is data discovery, predictive analytics and reporting across the full breadth of functions within organizations. For the past 25 years, Greg has worked on BI and custom application solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain / Distribution, Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services, Telecom, and a variety of other industries.



Questions whether you qualify? Please contact Maria Tuthill at (847) 837-3900 x1


Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs
  • CxOs
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Digital Officers
  • VPs & Directors responsible for driving change



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What Participants Say About Our Summits

"The Summit was a great day's investment for any CIO/IT leader to heighten knowledge of technology trends and IT leadership insight."
Tom Hupp, VP of IT Young Innovations, Inc.

"I was so inspired I couldn't wait to get back into the office and start changing the world!"
Julie Garnter, Director of Information Systems & Technology, Kenall

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Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Garden Inn Lake Forest Mettawa
26225 Riverwoods Blvd, Mettawa, IL 60045
(847) 735-8374

Holiday Inn Express-Vernon Hills
975 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
(847) 367-8031

Hotel Indigo Chicago-Vernon Hills
450 N Milwaukee Ave, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
(847) 918-1400


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