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Saturday, October 24, 2020 
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Data Strategies Summit 2018

How to Transform to the New Agile & Data Driven Enterprise

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Data is the new Oil.”  Just ask the 79.4% of Fortune 1000 executives, who reported recently in a NewVantage Partners executive survey, that they feared disruption from the new breed of agile, data-driven competitors.   Companies like Amazon, Apple, Google & Facebook have achieved extraordinary market cap and market share by being agile, data-driven organizations from the start.

In this key summit designed as a strategy session - Progressive CIOs, Senior Technology, Digital & Innovation executives will learn how they can evolve their company to this new form of agile, data-driven enterprise. Learn from your peers as they share their key strategies for managing data as an asset to drive both digital transformation and growth:

  • Strategy One:  Treat data like an asset and deploy processes to increase data quality and availability.

    Learn how progressive companies are deploying “Data-Ops” strategies using “Tech-Ops” frameworks, combined with agile methodology and modular architectures to shorten development cycles and deployment frequencies, and compete successfully as a new, agile, Data Driven enterprise.

  • Strategy Two:  Evolving to The Data Driven Enterprise.

    Learn how ALDI transformed their organization from a hierarchical decision making process to a new Data-Driven organization, which will help them continue to successfully compete in the new Data-Driven world.

  • Strategy Three:  Evolving to the new Software and Tech Stack designed for agile, data driven companies.   

    Learn how companies have evolved to a new Software & Tech stack combining modular architectures with the latest in APIs, Data Layers, predictive analytics, microservices, and next generation A-I, cognitive computing, and RPA. This new model drives growth through better decision making and self service to their decision makers and customers!

  • Strategy Four:  Data Privacy and Security.

    All effective data strategies must include effective data privacy and security strategies to protect both IP and customer privacy per increasingly demanding regulatory requirements.


Conference note

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Faculty & Agenda:
Check back for new Faculty and Sessions as they are added.

    Paul Maras, Dir IT North America, ALDI


    Jim Petrassi, Divisional Sr VP & Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Service Corporation

    Anoop Verma, Director Analytics & Innovation, The Joint Commission
    Amy Solar, Director, Credit Bureau Management, HSBC

    Amy Solar, Director, Credit Bureau Management, HSBC


    Mohammed Owais Nasir,  Sr. Director - IT Strategy & Architecture , Aon Corporation

    Narendra Lingegowda, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Shire Pharmaceuticals

    Jay Hakim, Director Data Engineering, Raise Marketplace


    Krishna Iyer, Chief Data Officer, State of Illinois


    Russell Moore, Former Director, Business Intelligence & Customer Engagement,  Sears Holding
    Edward Dryer, Senior Technology Strategist, Steadfast

    Edward Dryer, Senior Technology Strategist, Steadfast


    Shawn Rosemarin, SVP & CTO – Global Field and Industry, Hitachi Vantara

    Geoff Marsh, Global Vice President and CTO, Analytics at Hitachi Vantara


    Jorge Zuloaga, Senior Director of Data Sciences, Big Squid Inc.

    Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve

    Charles Herman, Director, Information Technology Executive Search, Judge Group

    Dennis Anderko, Managing Director, Judge Group

    Eric Schrock, Chief Technology Officer, Delphix

    Hans Otharsson Chief Success Officer OpenLegacy


    Nirmeet Gohil, Director Partnerships & Alliances, Logicalis


Check back for new sessions as they are added.

Welcome and Introduction

    Charles Herman, Director, Information Technology Executive Search, Judge Group

    Emcee: Dennis Anderko, Managing Director, Judge Group

    Dennis began his staffing industry career with Judge in 2011 as a Technical Recruiter. He quickly moved into a business development role with significant client interaction. Dennis was then promoted to Director of Judge's Columbus, OH office and later to Managing Director overseeing several Judge branches, where currently, he works out of Judge's Chicago office.

Session I: Data: The Real Vehicle to Digital Transformation

We all know that digital transformation is required to stay relevant and not get left behind in your industry or to expand into other industries but how do you do it, where do you start? What is the core to successfully transforming your organization? Data, data is the one constant. Leveraging your data is what will ultimately make the difference between successfully navigating the road ahead and determining if you come out the other end unscathed or battered and bruised. In this talk we will discuss how to do better rather than more to exploit all the opportunities that data can uncover within your organization.

    Shawn Rosemarin, SVP & CTO – Global Field and Industry, Hitachi Vantara

    Geoff Marsh, Global Vice President and CTO, Analytics at Hitachi Vantara

    Geoff is Global Vice President and CTO, Analytics at Hitachi Vantara responsible for the leading analytical evangelism, client executive ‘art of the possible’, and external delivery of the Hitachi vision and strategy especially related to analytics, AI, and machine learning. Additionally, Geoff is responsible and frequently contributes to industry publications and events. The topics that he primarily covers are best practices in analytics, big data, IoT, artificial and the role of the CDO. In his role of trusted advisor to the CDO and analytics community, Geoff’s goals is to ensure that clients maximize the value that their data can bring. Prior to joining Hitachi, and for the past 18+ years in the industry, Geoff worked in various industries such as banking, insurance, retail and telco. After leaving industry Geoff moved to the world of consulting where he was the practice leader for multiple large GSI’s working with some of the biggest organizations in the world to truly drive real value from their data. Geoff is a guest lecturer at universities and colleges throughout North Americas.

Session II: Keynote Panel: Case Studies in Data Driven Success.

Learn why and how a variety of companies chose to change their data strategies and the resulting payoffs from making the change. Whether it's just better decision making process to a more data driven company to monetizing your companies data as an asset, in this important panel you'll learn how area companies achieved success and the challenges they had to overcome along the way.

    Jim Petrassi, Divisional Sr VP & Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Service Corporation

    Jim Petrassi is the Divisional Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Health Care Service Corporation, responsible for developing a technology agenda to address market and IT capability demands. He leads the development of business value-focused technology strategies, methods, practices and standards within the organization. Petrassi has over 30 years of experience within the technology industry acting as a strategist and advisor to senior business executives on the latest technology trends/disruptions and their potential impact on business. His career advanced from programmer analyst to systems architect, and then elevated into various strategic roles. Prior to HCSC, Jim was senior managing partner at CSC Global Business Solutions, leading a global team of 1300 technologist focused on technology-enabled business transformations. His vast leadership experience and keen eye for evaluating disruptive technologies will ensure that HCSC can pivot flexibly to implement solutions that meet the needs of HCSC business partners and members. Petrassi holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems and computer programming from Purdue University Calumet.


    Anoop Verma, Director Analytics & Innovation, The Joint Commission

    Anoop Verma leads Technical Product Management and Enterprise Applications for a not for profit global leader in healthcare dedicated to patient safety and healthcare quality. Prior to this, he led strategy, planning, architecture and delivery function in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He has led as well as advised on major organizational transformations from Waterfall to Agile project portfolio delivery, from cost center to change catalyst, and tactical service provider to innovation partner. With over 20 years of technology and business leadership, Mr. Anoop Verma has the unique experience and practical insights on Organizational Agility and how a structured approach to customer experience is critical in achieving this. With Project Management, Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management experience, he has led organizations convert disruptions into opportunities to deliver sustainable value, in both large firms as well as high growth mid-size organizations. An inspirational leader, Mr. Verma graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (earlier called University of Roorkee), India before getting his Master’s degree from Wayne State University, Detroit and M.B.A. from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


    Krishna Iyer, Chief Data Officer, State of Illinois

    Krishna Iyer is the first Chief Data Scientist of State of Illinois and has been serving in that role since 2016.  He was recently appointed as the interim Chief Data Officer for the State and has been entrusted with additional responsibilities of overseeing all Data initiatives. He has a PhD in engineering sciences from University of Connecticut and Masters’ and Bachelors’ degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He has been creatively extracting value from data for more than 17 years and has applied insights from innovating in a research and development environment through to improving yield in manufacturing. He sees tremendous opportunity in public sector for doing the same and has a strong desire to improve State of Illinois’ services to the citizens. He was recently selected by Corinium Intelligence as one of the top 100 innovators in Data and Analytics in Americas for 2018.


    Russell Moore, Former Director, Business Intelligence & Customer Engagement,  Sears Holding

    Russ is the Former director of Business Intelligence and Customer Engagement for Sears Auto Centers.  His passion for technology and data started well before professional career, his auto career, anyone remember the Atari computers? His team focuses on ensuring ‘technology is a tool that supports customer interactions not the focus.’  This led to an automotive industry award for connecting hardware, software and data in real-time across different platforms.  More recently, Sears Auto Centers became the first company to partner with Amazon to install Amazon tires in Sears Auto Centers.  He pioneered using machine learning at Sears to predict automotive service needs and automatically trigger customer reminders.  The process took into account varying geographies and local driving conditions with a 70%+ correlation to real service needs. 


    Moderator: Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve

    Greg is a Principal with Solve, and is based in Chicago, IL. He architects solutions to provide data warehouses, dashboards and visualizations. The goal is data discovery, predictive analytics and reporting across the full breadth of functions within organizations. For the past 25 years, Greg has worked on BI and custom application solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain / Distribution, Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services, Telecom, and a variety of other industries.

Session III: Accelerating Data Flow with DataOps

To become a successful data company, we know that we must provide innovators easy access to data, anywhere it’s needed, without compromising compliance or privacy. But most companies aren’t built around information flow, with legacy systems and processes constantly impeding the ability to get data to those that need it. In this talk, we’ll discuss the emerging trend of DataOps that promises to accelerate the flow of data, and provide practical starting points across people, process, and technology to forge a vibrant DataOps culture.

    Eric Schrock, Chief Technology Officer, Delphix

    Eric is CTO at Delphix, where he drives technology strategy and thought  leadership around the future of enterprise data. He joined Delphix in 2010  Delphix, Eric was a founding member of the team at Sun that built the ZFS  Storage Appliance product. He started his career as a Solaris kernel  developer after earning a CS degree from Brown. 

Session IV: The Evolution and Future of Machine Learning

Data Science tools, from open source libraries to commercial  automated machine learning platforms, are evolving fast.  Current technologies make it easier than ever to prepare data, train and tune predictive models, and put those models into production.  In this talk we will review the evolution of tools in this space and explore how recent developments automate much of the traditional data science work flow. We will discuss what the future of practical data science looks like in the face of these changes and automation.

    Jorge Zuloaga, Senior Director of Data Sciences, Big Squid Inc.

    Jorge Zuloaga got his masters in mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Canada and his PhD in computational physics from Rice University in Houston, TX. His work in computational mathematics and physics has spanned several fields, from particle physics to quantum plasmonics. He has been a visiting researcher at DESY in Hamburg, Germany and at the Institute of Physics, CSIS, in Madrid, Spain. Following his graduate work, he joined the faculty at Rice University where he taught and conducted research. Since leaving academia for a career in tech he has worked for Alliance Health and for Health Catalyst, where he focused on Machine Learning applications in healthcare. He is currently the Senior Director of Data Science at Big Squid, where he develops software to automate Machine Learning and helps companies make smarter business decisions using predictive> analytics.

Afternoon Session Emcee:

    Edward Dryer, Senior Technology Strategist, Steadfast

    Edward Dryer, Senior Technology Strategist, Steadfast

    With more than two decades of experience in the technology world, Ed’s specialty is turning the 'impossible' into 'the new standard'. When he's not building solutions for you and your clients, he spend his time geeking out over games of all types and teaching his three kids the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Session V: How to achieve an “Extensible IT” environment

Extensibility is Enabling IT Systems & Architectures to take current and future growth needs into consideration when designing environments: Flexible – Freedom of choice and ease of use, Consumable – Across Geographical & virtual boundaries, Future-ready – Enabling innovation & Digital Transformation

Topics to be covered: 

  • Industry Vertical Approach to Embracing a Data-First Strategy
  • How to Negotiate the Complex Ecosystem of Solutions Providers for Digital Transformation
  • Introduction to the ExtensibleIT Framework – Enabling: Freedom of Choice, Consumption On-Demand, and Future-Readiness

    Nirmeet Gohil, Director Partnerships & Alliances, Logicalis

    Nirmeet came on board Logicalis to support the ongoing transformation of the organization. In his capacity, he is responsible for one of our longest and deepest partnerships with IBM and developing the mutual GTM with IBM leveraging Logicalis services and skills. Nirmeet brings with him, experience in developing Channel Ecosystems that deliver on the promises of IoT and Data Analytics to address financially impactful business needs. He brings key skills and knowledge of business processes from Sales, Finance, Operations, and Backoffice through his many years of experience in developing and implementing global supply chain solutions for the High-Tech and Manufacturing industry.


Session VI: Case Study/Blueprint: Transitioning to a data driven decision making enterprise.

Given ALDI’s commitment to growth in the US, and the availability of modern tools that turn raw data into business information, decision making processes used internationally for decades suddenly depend on an organizational ability to consistently interpret and utilize this new information.  All easier said than done, and heavily dependent on IT’s ability to work closely with their business partners!

    Paul Maras, Dir IT North America, ALDI

    Paul Maras currently serves as a Director of National IT at ALDI Inc.  He has enjoyed a diverse career over the last 32 years that includes experience as a H.S. mathematics teacher, professional student, Big 5 technology consultant, executive director of a Christian not-for-profit organization, and technology executive in the retail industry.  He holds a BA from Augustana College in Mathematics & Computer Science, and an MS in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University.  Paul is married and the father of five.

Session VII: Keynote Panel: Changing your "Stack" and processes to match your Data Strategy

So you've decided to become a more data driven company or even monitize your data to drive new revenue streams. Now what? Learn how executives changed their processes, technology and applications on their journey.

    Amy Solar, Director, Credit Bureau Management, HSBC

    Amy Solar, Director, Credit Bureau Management, HSBC

    Amy Solar is currently Director of Retail Cards and Unsecured Lending for Credit Bureau Data Management, HSBC US.  Amy oversees all of the Retail unsecured U.S. customer data sent to the Credit Reporting Agencies.  She is responsible for customer data quality sent to the credit agencies, as it is required that data furnishers are only allowed to send accurate data to the credit reporting agencies.  Amy began her career at HSBC in 2003.  Before joining HSBC, she was at PwC Consulting and The Northern Trust Company. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison and a master’s degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  She is Consumer Data Industry Association Certified since 2016 and is a Project Management Professional since 2010.


    Mohammed Owais Nasir,  Sr. Director - IT Strategy & Architecture , Aon Corporation

    Mohammed Owais Nasir is an accomplished Technology Strategy leader with core skills in Data Analytics, Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy. He is currently working as a Sr. Architect Director in the Enterprise Architecture function for Aon Corporation where he also leads Aon's Technology Architecture Board. Most recently, he has been leading the strategy for Aon's Enterprise Analytics Platform that was stood up this year for Aon business units globally and being expanded further. Mohammed is an active member of the Data Management Association (DAMA) Chicago chapter and is a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP, 2015). Mohammed is based in the Chicagoland area where he acquired his undergraduate and graduate management degrees from Northwestern University. 

    Narendra Lingegowda, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Shire Pharmaceuticals

    Narendra Lingegowda is the Head of Enterprise Architecture at Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in treating rare diseases & special conditions.  Narendra brings more than 20 years of experience in information technology working with Fortune 500 companies in pharmaceuticals, financial, aviation and retail organizations. 

    Currently, he leads the group responsible for architecture decisions and technology roadmaps across the global organization that includes enterprise data management, application integration, digital and Cloud services adoption. He is passionate about bridging business and IT to deliver customer/patient centric services using lean processes and innovative data and application solutions.  He has authored technology briefs outlining industry trends and emerging technologies impacting future state IT.  He holds a master’s degree in computer science from Bowling Green State University.


    Jay Hakim, Director Data Engineering, Raise Marketplace

    Jay is the Director of Data at Raise Marketplace, a gift card exchange company based in downtown Chicago. The group is responsible for the transactional, analytics and streaming systems; and in addition the data science of KPIs, profit and loss, shopping behavior, recommendation engines, and user modeling. Raise has the unique opportunity to see a large universe of what stores people are interested in shopping verse the typical shopping at one store for a particular product. Jay has worked at various e-commerce companies as Orbitz, Paytrust and brick and mortar institutions such as State Street Bank.


    Hans Otharsson Chief Success Officer OpenLegacy
    As Chief Success Officer, Hans is responsible for the successful global deployment of OpenLegacy and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Hans brings over 30 years of experience in legacy modernization to OpenLegacy. For much of this time, he has held senior, executive roles in large multinational organizations, mid-size companies, and several successful startups. This experience includes spearheading large legacy modernization projects and setting up and heading an offshore Global Delivery Center, including operations, sales, marketing, and partner development. Prior to OpenLegacy, Hans was Vice President at ATERAS, a company that specializes in legacy application conversion, modernization and migration. Prior to that, he served as GVP at Software AG, in which he was responsible for Global Consulting Services within the Americas. He also served as VP of Consist Software Solutions and founded ModernWiser, Inc.


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Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs
  • CxOs
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Digital Officers
  • VPs & Directors responsible for driving change



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"The Summit was a great day's investment for any CIO/IT leader to heighten knowledge of technology trends and IT leadership insight."
Tom Hupp, VP of IT Young Innovations, Inc.

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Julie Garnter, Director of Information Systems & Technology, Kenall

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