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Saturday, October 24, 2020 
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Emerging Technology & Digital Transformation Summit - 2017

Strategic Briefings and Real World insights on using the latest in Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise.

This annual event highlights effective strategies and use cases for integrating new, emerging technologies while transitioning to Digital Enterprise to drive growth.

1. Learn from Gartner how to best leverage the Top Emerging Technology trends to look for in the coming year

2. Gain Real World Insights from CIOs and Senior Technology as they share their strategies for integrating both new infrastructures and emerging technologies into their organization to help drive growth as a digital enterprise.

3. NEW SHOWCASE and BRIEFING Categories to include:
  • The NEW Infrastructure - practical strategies to transition your infrastructure to enable the digital enterprise and rapid growth
  • Internet of Things and Mobile
  • Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Big Data for BOTH better decision making and integrating data into your product/service lines.
  • Advanced Cyber Security Tools
  • Robotics and Machine Learning
  • Cloud Strategies
  • DR and Risk Management technologies and more...

Conference note

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Faculty & Agenda:

Todd Kimble, Vice President, Gartner Executive Programs

Martin Biernat, Project Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association
Ajay Jain, Executive Director of Software Engineering,
CME Group

Carla Peralta, Director of IT, Aspira Inc of Illinois


Peter G. Logothetis, Senior VP and Group CIO, Allstate Insurance Companies
Michael A. Parker, Director of Data & Technology, Service Employees International Union

Jeff Martin AVP Customer Experience,  Motorist Insurance Group


Antonio Daniels, Director, US IT Infrastructure Services, McDonald's Corporation



Joel Keating Director of Technology, Expedia

Grant Smith, Director, Tools and Solutions, Americas, LANSA



Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve


Dave Clark, President, Impulse Advanced Communications


Shaun Lovick, President NVISIA



Tracey Barrett, Managing Director NVISIA
Mark Panthofer, Vice President of NVISIA's Technology Center

Eric Dynowski, CEO and Co-Founder, focused on Technology Architecture & Engineering and Design, Turing Group



Bill Lowry, Vice President of Product Development, ServerCentral


Joe  Dupree, Group VP, Global Marketing, LANSA


Mike Koleno, CTO, Solstice

Event Agenda

Welcome and Introduction:

    Co -Emcee: Joe  Dupree, Group VP, Global Marketing, LANSA

    Joe leads the global marketing team at LANSA, a provider of low-code software development tools.  Joe started out his career with a series of computer operations and programming positions where he designed and built systems to do things like optimize manufacturing production runs, manage large equipment and asset maintenance, optimize inventories, and consolidate multi-national financial ledgers.  Joe’s 20+ year career has included technical and marketing leadership roles at GE as well as a series of small software technology companies in Chicagoland including Infogix, SmartSignal, Cleo, and now LANSA.  His position at LANSA has him helping fellow programmers find productivity solutions to better maintain and build software applications. 

Session I. Keynote Presentation - NEW:  Gartner 2018 Technology Trends Forecast

HOT OFF the presses - Todd Kimble, Executive Partner, will be coming straight from Gartner's annual Symposium and will share with you the latest and greatest Refresh Technology Trends from Gartner's Annual Symposium.  Todd will combine this presentation with key insights from Gartner's annual CIO Trends Survey.  Sample topics include: Digital Transformation, IOT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & more.  Make sure you see this critical presentation to learn where you should be focusing and the trends you should be watching!

    Todd Kimble, Vice President, Gartner Executive Programs

    Todd Kimble is Vice President in Gartner’s Executive Programs group and leads a team of seasoned associates focused on supporting CIOs and executive clients across a wide variety of enterprise customers.  Before joining Gartner, Mr. Kimble was the global CIO for Ryan Specialty Group, a specialty insurance broker with offices across the U.S. and Europe. Before Ryan, he was the CIO for the largest division of Arthur J. Gallagher, a Fortune 1000 insurance broker. In both these positions, Mr. Kimble led efforts to transform the information technology groups, streamlining and improving IT support, speeding the development of new business capabilities, and leading the IT integration of dozens of acquisitions. Mr. Kimble started his career with Andersen Consulting, was a partner and managing director at Clarity Consulting, and was a Regional Director at Microsoft.

Session II: Panel: Emerging Technologies & Digital Transformation Stories

Learn from CIOs and Technology Leaders how they are using emerging technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics and more as they make the transition to a more digital Enterprise.

    Carla Peralta, Director of IT, Aspira Inc of Illinois

    Carla Peralta is the Information Technology Director for Aspira Inc. of Illinois. Her professional and academic experiences afford a unique take on using technology for social change at an organization like ASPIRA by intersecting technology, education, and progressive project management.
    Ms. Peralta received her Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and her Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Chicago while at the same university working in higher education administration grants and alumni management giving her a background in academic finances, program management and systems administration.


    Peter G. Logothetis, Senior VP and Group CIO, Allstate Insurance Companies

    Peter joined Allstate Insurance in late 2011 as the VP and Divisional CIO for Claims Technology Services.  In 2015 he was promoted to Senior VP and Group CIO, with responsibility for Claims Technology Services, Life Insurance Technology, and Business Insurance Technology. Prior to Allstate, he spent 5.5 years as Head of Technology Services (CIO) at QBE the Americas, a member of the Australia-based QBE Group. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the information technology industry.  He has worked in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, and consulting industries for such well known companies as Continental Bank, CNA Insurance, Kemper Insurance, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.Peter has taught at DePaul University for over 20 years (adjunct faculty), where he earned his masters in business administration and information systems. He is currently a faculty member at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

    Jeff Martin AVP Customer Experience,  Motorist Insurance Group

    Jeff Martin is currently the Assistant Vice President of Customer Experience for Motorists Insurance Group developing strategies and leading teams in the digital  transformation effort.  Jeff is former United States Marine with 20 years of experience in Information Technology with the past
    11 years focused on customer facing technologies.  Jeff has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Franklin University.  His recent major accomplishments include helping to design and implement a new Customer Experience department and supporting strategies in coordination with an enterprise wide transformation effort at Motorists Insurance Group.

    Martin Biernat, Project Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association

    Martin Biernat joined the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 2015 and currently serves as its Project Director.  Upon joining MDA, Martin was responsible for the migration of the entire organization to O365.  His most recent work includes replacing an antiquated database system storing client records.  The replacement system is a unique implementation of Salesforce that incorporated many separate systems at MDA into one true client data source. Martin continues to be responsible for delivering innovative solutions to customer problems to save time and increase the customer’s productivity.  Prior to joining MDA, Martin was the Illinois Campus Cluster Program Manager at UIUC, a Senior Program Manager at WMS Gaming, and he spent over 20 years in the telecommunication industry.  He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Martin has been a Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2005.


    Moderator: Greg Woodard, Principal, Solve

    Greg is a Principal with Solve, and is based in Chicago, IL. He architects solutions to provide data warehouses, dashboards and visualizations. The goal is data discovery, predictive analytics and reporting across the full breadth of functions within organizations. For the past 25 years, Greg has worked on BI and custom application solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain / Distribution, Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services, Telecom, and a variety of other industries.

Session III: Presentation: Emerging Technologies & Digital Transformation Case Studies

Despite many grand promises, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all digital transformation playbook. What works for one organization may very well fall flat in another. Some transformations stem from a grand gesture from up top, others are forced by the moves of a competitive foe, while many have their humble origins in the courageous moves from a single executive. Mike Koleno, CTO at Solstice, will share unique insights on how successful organizations are approaching their unique journeys towards becomes a strong digital business.

    Mike Koleno, CTO, Solstice

    Mike is a CTO at Solstice, a digital innovation firm. In this role, Mike leads the Solstice Cloud Native and Modern Software Engineering practice areas as well as the full stack development efforts across a wide-ranging set of clients including Rockwell Automation, Northern Trust, Country Financial, Kohler and more. Prior to joining Solstice, Mike spent over eight years at JPMorgan Chase in various application development and architecture roles across the bank's Treasury & Security Services, Card and Corporate Technology lines of business. When he isn't thinking about technology, Mike is spending as much time as he can with his wife and their three wonderful children.

Session IV: Presentation: A Proven Framework for the Successful Introduction of Emerging Technologies

NVISIA shares their proven framework for the successful assimilation of emerging technologies into a wide variety of enterprise situations. Over the past 26 years NVISIA has leveraged this framework to introduce a long list of key enterprise technologies including Java, .NET, JavaScript frameworks, REST and microservices. We will open with a brief overview of the framework’s three cornerstones ADOPT, BUILD & ENABLE. We will discuss the common entry points to each area and describe the interplay between each of these three key pillars. Finally, we will share some real framework samples using two hot emerging technologies in the enterprise: API Management and Containers (Docker).

    Shaun Lovick, President NVISIA

    Shaun joined NVISIA as a junior consultant in 1995 and worked his way through the ranks to become President. Shaun brings an executive perspective on the imperative of innovation in today's digital enterprise.

    Tracey Barrett, Managing Director NVISIA
    Tracey is a Managing Director at NVISIA and regularly builds early-stage innovation teams for large enterprises as well as born in the cloud startups. 
    Mark Panthofer, Vice President of NVISIA's Technology Center

    Mark Panthofer heads up NVISIA's technology center and focuses on innovation enabling technologies and manages key partnerships including AWS and Docker. 

Session V: Presentation: Using Cloud transformation and IoT to Transform your Entire Business 

We're at an inflection point right now, one that will determine industry leaders for the next decade, and will be deeply influenced (if not made) by cloud strategies. Learn how the cloud and Internet of Things transformed a 83-year old manufacturing company into a technology company. In addition to bringing computer costs down 98% and setup time down 99%. 

    Eric Dynowski, CEO and Co-Founder, focused on Technology Architecture & Engineering and Design, Turing Group

    Eric is the CEO and Co-Founder, focused on Technology Architecture & Engineering and Design. With over 20 years in competitive, fast-moving industries, Eric has developed software, designed complex global infrastructures, and managed large technology installations for international pharmaceutical companies and private capital firms. His background in infrastructure design and integration, combined with his vision, has helped him to reduce budgets by millions while adding inherent value to existing departments through excellence in staff and deployment. Eric is also AWS Certified.

    Bill Lowry, Vice President of Product Development, ServerCentral

    Bill Lowry is Vice President of Product Development at ServerCentral where he leads product and service strategy.  For more than 20 years, Bill has held senior leadership positions overseeing the integration of security, storage, network, and data center technologies into innovative solutions for financial services, healthcare, utilities, and Fortune 500 companies. This includes roles at Terremark, Verizon, EMC, and Apple.  Bill earned a B.A in Advertising from Texas Tech University and resides in Dallas with his wife and children.

Session VI.  Presentation: Communications Technology as an Enabler of Digital Transformation **

Emerging technology creates more communication channels in the workplace than ever before, enabling physical presence to become less relevant. How do we implement advancements in communications technology without losing the critical relational aspects of communication? We will provide an overview of communications infrastructure and application trends that underpin the digital transformation. Managing the people parts of the digital transformation is a key success factor and we will share customer success stories around driving end user adoption, partnering versus purchasing, and influencing acceptance of transformation initiatives in corporate culture. **NOTE: This presentation is not available On-Demand

    Dave Clark, President, Impulse Advanced Communications

    Dave Clark has held the position of President of Impulse Advanced Communications since the company's creation in April 2006. Mr. Clark joined Impulse, before its merger with NetLojix Communications, Inc., as Vice President and General Manager in 2001. Prior to joining Impulse, he served as the General Manager of NetLojix’s Internet services division, where he was responsible for sales, customer support and technical management, from 1997. Mr. Clark began his management career at Circuit City Stores, Inc., progressing through several retail management roles in Southern California prior to transitioning to the telecommunications industry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara.  An active community volunteer, Mr. Clark has held a number of board roles at non-profit organizations including the Coastal Housing Coalition, the Goleta Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Young President’s Organization.

Session VII: Panel: Driving Long Term Growth and Continuous Customer Experience Development by Transitioning to the Digital Enterprise Foundation

Smart CIOs and Technology Leaders know that the key to driving scalable enterprise growth through technology innovation is by transitioning their technology stack, database and development processes to an overall digital enterprise architecture that enables them to consistently develop and deliver great, scalable customer experiences.

Endpoint apps can create immediate gains and excitement, but the core stack, database access and development process must be changed to create the speed and data integration required to provide the winning customer experience.

In this important session - we'll learn from leading edge executives how they are engineering their shift to their version of the digital enterprise to enable more innovative development environments that create winning customer experiences and rapid growth.

    Antonio Daniels, Director, US IT Infrastructure Services, McDonald's Corporation

    Antonio Daniels is the Director of Global Infrastructure and Architecture for McDonald’s Corporation. For over 20 years, Mr Daniels has provided strategic vision and subject matter expertise in both the public and private sectors. His current responsibilities include technology strategy and implementation for over 14,000 restaurants. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the McCormick School of Engineering in 1993, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 2015.


    Michael A. Parker, Director of Data & Technology, Service Employees International Union

    Serving as the Director of Data & Technology for Service Employees International Union, Michael has been with SEIU since 2014. Michael has provided technical leadership in defining a broad range of impactful data and data access services that enable SEIU to reach local affiliates and data partners including: NGPVan, Catalist, Targetsmart, and the Democratic National Committee. Over the course of two decades, Michael expanded his his data and engineering experience, progressing to large-scale data projects for national membership and trade associations including the National PTA and the National 4-H Council. He is currently applying his expertise in the labor movement leading big data projects that support voter mobilization, data transformation and modeling/analytics, for local and national campaigns including Hillary for America. Michael is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with an BA in Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration, and a graduate of Northwestern University with a Masters of Science in Information Technology.


    Ajay Jain, Executive Director of Software Engineering, CME Group

    Ajay Jain is Executive Director of Software Engineering at the CME Group. He is responsible for overseeing the front-end distribution systems development and in his current role he is responsible for the technology roadmap and global software delivery teams related to these systems. Prior to his current role Ajay has held significant positions in different divisions of CME Group. After starting as a development manager in 2008 for automated testing platform for CME Globex, Ajay served as a director in CME Group corporate strategy division, Sr Director of technology platform strategy and customer experience in the office of the COO, and as Executive Director of Cloud and Business Systems. Ajay has an MBA with major in finance and strategy from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and he holds a mechanical engineering degree from National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India.


    Joel Keating Director of Technology, Expedia

    Joel has worked in the e-commerce industry since 2000 and primarily in the online travel industry. Starting with Orbitz previous to its website's launch, through an IPO, and multiple acquisitions he's seen the drastic changes technology has brought to the industry. Currently working as Directory of Cloud and Virtualization engineering at Expedia Joel is diligently trying to enable his organization's migration to the cloud while also trying to manage the changing landscape of its data-centers.


    Moderator: Grant Smith, Director, Tools and Solutions, Americas, LANSA

    Grant has over 20 years of experience in the technology marketplace both here in the US and abroad − working with hundreds of companies to assist them in gaining real business value from their software investments.  Grant has spoken at numerous industry events such as COMMON, COMMON Europe, DevCon, and other user groups across the country.


Who Should Attend:

  • CIOs
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • CxOs
  • Senior IT Executives
  • VPs & Directors





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Feedback from Participants

“Great value for any CIO.  Relevant ideas and
strategy that can be applied to any Mid Market
Ed Hoff, Director of IT, Christian Brother Services

“Nice Job. You rock!  It is a pleasure to rub shoulders with intelligent professionals who are passionate about
managing technology!”  
Kurt Sholly, Director of Technology, Cottage Door Press

“This is a great opportunity for me to learn how others have experienced and solved similar problems as ours.”
Jerry Acheson, ExecutiveDirector of IT, National Merit Scholarship Corp.

“The Mid-Market Summit brought tremendous value of real strategies that can be applied to my daily challenges.”
Gene Schaff, Director of IT, Tiller Corp.

“The content and the contacts were well worth the time and travel.”
Brian Heuckroth, Principal, Oobleck Power



What Participants Say About
Our Summits

"The Summit was a great day's investment for any CIO/IT leader to heighten knowledge of technology trends and IT leadership insight."
Tom Hupp, VP of IT Young Innovations, Inc.

"I was so inspired I couldn't wait to get back into the office and start changing the world!"
Julie Garnter, Director of Information Systems & Technology, Kenall

"Amazing how Tec pulls in such high quality presenters and panels.  Great job Alex & Maria!"

"I was so engrossed and interested in the program I didn't check my phone or email all day."  

"The depth and breadth of information shared is priceless"

"Mind and career expanding, thank you!" “Very informative"

"Informative and inspiring!"  "Excellent!"  

"Strong content, topics, participants"  "Great education"

"Great, thought provoking session”    "Fantastic leadership insights "

"Good insights and examples of management approaches"

"Good event!  Thought provoking.  I'll attend the next one."

"Outstanding examples and use cases to clarify points" 

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October 2017
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