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Monday, March 08, 2021 
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About Us

  • About Us


    Hi, this is Alex Jarett, founder of the Technology Executives Club ® and we are on a mission:

    To help progressive CIOs, CTOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives

    • Transform the IT/Technology Function to Create Competitive Advantage, and thereby:

    • Drive Corporate Growth & Profitability

    • Through Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation & Digital Leadership.

    We serve:

    • Mid Market CIOs & CTO's

    • Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives from all size companies.

    Our Premium services include:

    1. Virtual Peer Advisory Program

      Includes: Virtual Board of Advisors, Connection Service, Urgent Assistance Service, plus full subscriptions to our Member-Directed Research Program, Digital Leadership Program & Online Executive Education portal.

    2. Digital Leadership Program

      Includes: Quarterly Virtual Workshops, Full access to our Member Portal Called TechnologyInnovationU™. The portal is a unique online executive education site with 12 different streaming channels in the areas of Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation, Digital Leadership and more.

    3. Research Program

      A unique Member-Directed Research Program Offering Actionable Research! Each quarter we team up with one of our Peer Advisory Program members to create a national research survey. The results offer actionable feedback for our members. The full program is only available for Peer Advisory Program members, and all qualified executives may take the surveys and receive executive level briefings as part of their participation.

    4. Learn about our Premium Services here.


    Start today by joining the Free Insiders Club.

    Choose free 30 day access to any of our 12 Online channels, plus each month you'll receive access to a new channel - for free!

    Learn about these benefits and more here.

Some History & A Personal Note - For those of you who want to know...

Since 2001, I've been known as the founder of Technology Executives Club and the Executive Director of the Midwest's "Go-to" CIO Summits for strategic, actionable information and high quality peer-to-peer connections.

That mission changed after the 2008/2009 recession, for in the next ten years, I also personally conducted over 100 regional seminars throughout the Midwest. It was during this period that I saw first-hand the impact of that recession in our great cities, the mid-sized companies that were founded and operated there, and the employees and the customers that each of the companies touched.

It was also during this period that I realized the impact a progressive CIO could have on a single Mid-Sized organization, and the multiplier effect that his/her work could have on those employees and customers.

I revised our mission to the one above, to help these executives drive real change in their respective companies throughout the country.

We started by going virtual and launching the Virtual Peer Advisory Program. Within a few short years we had a core group of CIOs and senior executives involved from multiple states across the U.S. Then we added our online education program, and recently doubled down with our launch of our Digital Leadership and Member-Directed Research programs.

Are you one of these executives who believes in the power of the IT/Technology function to create competitive advantage?

And would you like to engage with a highly vetted group of like-minded peers?

If yes - we are now dedicated 100% to helping you with our unique programs.

Dedicated to your Success!

Alex Jarett

Next steps:

Join our Free Insiders Club here.

Learn about our Premium Programs here.



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