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  Sunday, December 05, 2021 
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About Us

  • About Us


    Hi, this is Alex Jarett, founder, CEO & Executive Director of the Technology Executives Club ® and related brands.

    We've been proudly serving and empowering CIOS and Senior Technology Executives since 2001!

    Our Misson:

    We SERVE & EMPOWER CIOs, CTOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives & Your Teams Reach your full potential through:

    • Our Technology Executives U™ Professional Development & Executive Education Program - Virtual & Online

    • Virtual Peer Advisory Program.

    We serve:

    • CIOs & CTO's

    • Senior Technology, Innovation, Data & Digital & CyberSecurity Executives and your teams.

    We offer a variety of community and member-only services.

    Our community services include:

    • Virtual Seminars (Webinars)
    • CIO Virtual & On Demand Workshops (Available individually and through our membership programs)
    • Our CIOs Unleashed ™ VLOG
    • In-Person Summits
    • Complimentary Insiders Club!

Our Programs include:

1. Complimentary Insiders Club

    Our Insiders Club gives early bird access to workshops, vip invitations to our webinars and summits, special bonuses and more. Join for Free.

    2. Technology Executives U - Professional Development & Executives Education Program - Virtual & On-Demand

    Each quarter we produce a live virtual workshop focused on "Actionable Strategies" in the essential areas for CIOS, CTOS, and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives. Each workshop is presented in Executive Briefing format, combined with Case Studies from your peers and includes templates. The result is the ability to take immediate action after the workshop. Available for both individual executives and their teams. You can gain access to each workshop individually here OR save by joining with a membership program here.

    3. Virtual Peer Advisory Program

    While the workshops provide actionable strategy and templates, the Virtual Peer Advisory Program provides mastery of the concepts by integrating regular discussion and feedback on the essential workshop topics with your peers in actual practice.

    The group provides a vetted group of peers, which act as a virtual Board of Advisors. We also add a Connection Service, Urgent Assistance Service and more. Our highest level includes our Inner Circle program, which includes a Virtual Mentor Group, Team Goal Seeting & Accountability, executive branding and communication strategies, organizational politics and more.

    Our Inner Circle provides our most commited members the opportunity to mentor each other in their specific strategies, goals and objectives.

    Learn about our Virtual Peer Advisory Program HERE


Start today by joining the Free Insiders Club.

Learn about these benefits and more here.

Some History & A Personal Note - For those of you who want to know...

Since 2001, I've been known as the founder of Technology Executives Club and the Executive Director of the Midwest's "Go-to" CIO Summits for strategic, actionable information and high quality peer-to-peer connections.

That mission changed after the 2008/2009 recession, for in the next ten years, I also personally conducted over 100 regional seminars throughout the Midwest. It was during this period that I saw first-hand the impact of that recession in our great cities, the mid-sized companies that were founded and operated there, and the employees and the customers that each of the companies touched.

It was also during this period that I realized the impact a seasoned CIO, CTO or senior Technology, Digital and Innovation executive could have on an organization, and the multiplier effect that his/her work could have on those employees and customers.

But the problem I discovered was that many of these executives are getting their experience in their current job, because many executives do well in one role, or one "lane," and get promoted into a role that requires more leadership skills and management of multiple "lanes."

What does this executive do? There is plenty of executive education out there - but the problem is a lack of time to access it all - that's where we come in.

Each of our virtual workshops is designed to give our members with a few ours the foundational strategies and templates, combined with actual case studies from their peers - the result is an immediate ability to take action on these foundational or "essential" leadership & Management strategies & skill sets.

I revised our mission to the one above, to help these executives drive real change in their respective companies throughout the country.

Are you one of these executives who would like to reach your full potential for you and your team?

And would you like to engage with a highly vetted group of like-minded peers?

If yes - we are now dedicated 100% to helping you with our unique programs.

Dedicated to your Success!

Alex Jarett

Next steps:

Join our Free Insiders Club here.

Join our Virtual & On-Demand CIO Workshop Program here

Learn about our Virtual Peer Advisory Program here.



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