Prabir Chatterjee

Chief Technology Officer at SPAATECH

Specialties & Areas of Interest include:

  • Technology Modernization
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Governance
  • Technology Leadership
  • Vendor Management & OutsourcingĀ 
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" Excited to be part of the Board of Advisors with the Technology Executives Community and help guide executives to get to know the data answers to determine if your strategy is working or not!  "

Prabir Chatterjee

Prabir Chatterjee is a distinguished global business leader renowned for his expertise in Strategy, P&L, Data, Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning. His profound insights and unique framework have empowered companies to foster collaboration and innovation through a data-driven culture.

At SPAATECH, Prabir serves as the driving force behind the company's technology and strategic direction, guiding clients to become industry frontrunners by harnessing data as a strategic asset.


Prabir was previously Senior Director at Spencerā€™s Gifts, where he led a comprehensive data-driven transformation. And, as Global Director of Business Intelligence at SIRVA Worldwide, Prabir implemented transformative data and analytics strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and self-service reporting processes for the companyā€™s Fortune 500 Global customers.

Prabir welcomes networking opportunities with senior executives seeking guidance on company strategies and data-driven initiatives, offering profound insights and invaluable expertise in BI, Data Analytics, and AI strategies.

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