Stan Hammond 

Senior Principal Platform Architect at ServiceNow

Specialties & Areas of Interest include:

  • Innovation - Continued Innovation towards increasing company value, sales and profits for the company.

  • Cybersecurity - reducing the event noise to actionable incidents and how to really prevent a breach.

  • Technical Value - Developing a focus on technical value that reduces both cost and complexity.

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" I'm honored to be a member of the Technology Executive Club and to give back my lessons learned to the community, as well as insights on how to accelerate high value projects to completion.  "

Stan Hammond

Stan is an accomplished IT leader and innovator with over 30 years of experience in infrastructure, SDLC, and mergers with companies such as Pfizer, Baxter, CVS Caremark, Grace, GKN Aerospace, SAIC, and ServiceNow. He has a proven track record of embedding IT strategy into business growth and managing companies with revenue up to $70 billion.

Stan has managed IT environments virtualized and, in the cloud, tens of thousands of devices and enterprises with over 500,000 users across multiple sites globally. As a business technology leader in multiple enterprises, he has successfully 

completed hundreds of regulatory audits for the lifesaving EpiPen, US DoD chemical warfare Auto-Injectors, critical aerospace parts for military fighters, and the U.S. State Department cyber-attacks by nation-states. 

Stan holds an MBA and currently serves on the Board of Advisors with the Technology Executives Club. He is the recipient of the “Award of Excellence” for his outstanding IT contributions to company growth and has permission from the NHL to use “The Stanley Cup” branding because his name is “Stanley.” Currently, Stan’s team scales the ServiceNow Platform for large government agencies.

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