Uday Ayyagari

Former Business & Technology Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP

Specialties & Areas of Interest include:

  • Future-Proofing, Client business and operations through cutting-edge technologies
  • Cognitive Computing
  •  Digital Transformation & Automation
  • ML Platform Offerings
  • Governance
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" I consider myself fortunate to have influenced the careers of numerous successful leaders in the Valley. My personal success lies in empowering them to realize their true potential, and I hope to help others in the Technology Executives Community in the same way  "

Uday Ayyagari

Uday is an accomplished business and technology executive with exceptional leadership as a strategic business partner, successfully bringing numerous innovations to the market. With a distinguished career as an enterprise leader and cloud practices expert, he has been responsible for taking cutting-edge ideas and translating them into high-value market solutions using exponential technologies. Uday has a proven track record of leading clients in adopting hyper-growth technologies in applied AI, ML (ML Ops),

and unlimited/augmented reality-driven solutions. He has an impressive history of delivering enterprise applications and cloud-native solutions directly impacting revenue generation and cost optimization while effectively plugging leaks via workflow-driven solutions. Uday has been recognized as a distinguished speaker at numerous technology and public forums and invited to participate as a panelist at esteemed events such as "Google NEXT" and "Analytics at Speed Palo Alto - Big Data and its Impact on the Planet."

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