Craig Morey, MBA

Group IT Operations Director at Domino Printing Sciences, PLC

Specialties & Areas of Interest include:

  • IT Business Partnership - Strategy & Planning
  • Digital Transformation - IT Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Digital Tech Stack including Cloud Ops, SAAS, Hybrid Tech Stack Strategy
  • Infrastructure & IT Ops: Cyber, Data, and Infrastructure Security
  • International Mergers & Acquisitions Business Unit and Systems Integration
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" Technology Executives has given me the coaching, knowledge, information, leadership, and contacts throughout my career to give me the knowledge to be able to grow and collaborate with others. While I have been following and attending events for over a decade, I am excited to be part of the Technology Executive Board of Advisors where I can share external thoughts, experiences, leadership, strategy, and vision on leading Business practices, Infrastructure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Licensing Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Support, Telecommunications, Operations, and best practices. I look forward to being a speaker and giving advice/ experience to. "

Craig Morey, MBA

Craig Morey is a Tech-savvy and visionary executive with extensive experience spearheading large-scale global IT system effectiveness, and developing long-technical projects, plans, and improvements. Located in the USA, and also has extensive experience managing a Global IT organization based out of the UK and wholly owned by Brother International Corporation. Acknowledged for attaining hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros in corporate savings, developing

cyber security plans, and identifying international growth opportunities. Executive presence with an aptitude to positively influence key decision-makers and stakeholders through technology and business solutions/ideas. Expert in maintaining high-quality of work and prioritizing tasks in compliance with given deadlines. Experienced in GDPR, BDSG and Multinational acquisitions/mergers. 

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