Nathan Rajen

Global Head of Technology, Strategy & Solutions at Joyson Safety Systems 

Specialties & Areas of Interest include:

  • Enterprise Digital Transformation
  • GenAI, ML, IIOT, Big Data, Digital Twins
  • Accelerating Innovation and Growth
  • CyberSecurity, Governance, Risks & Controls Management
  • Enabling global ecosystems to drive efficiency, innovation, and collaboration
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" I am happy to be part of the Technology Executives Community as a Board of Advisors to help others accelerate their company growth through digital journey leveraging advanced technologies and processes such as GenAI, ML, IIOT, Big Data and Digital Twins and more. "

Nathan Rajen

A passionate leader focused on digital transformation, Industrial IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, and Strategic Enterprise solutions to drive innovation, operational efficiency, and global collaboration for large enterprises, OEMs, software and service vendors.

Digital Strategy to me is all about customer empowerment and ensuring technology becomes seamless part of the service chain,

 delivering real-time transparency, truth in data, and empowered decision making. The best IT is a-la-carte, on-demand, just-in-time, seamless, and efficient.

Strong expertise in global automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation sectors with a proven track record of enabling technology driven digital transformation, agility and innovation, drive sustainable growth, gain competitive advantage and expand market share.

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