Robert Blackwell, Jr.

Chairman at EKI-Digital, Killerspin & Quant16

Specialties & Areas of Interest include: 

Teaching, Designing and Support Quantitative Approaches to: 

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Outcome-based Analytics 
  • Innovation as a System
  • Transformation as a System
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" I look forward to helping members of the Technology Executives Club community better leverage math and Quantitative Portfolio Management to reduce waste in Technology Spend, Make better Outcomes orientated decisions and improve the performance of the company and the lives it serves" 

Robert Blackwell

Robert is the founder of EKI-Digital, a digital investment consulting firm, Killerspin (Table Tennis) & Quant16. He believe that numbers can transform organizations and even lives. As a former Chicago stock trader and IBM engineer, Robert learned that almost anything can be made better if we apply math to it. From winning at table tennis all the way to corporate decision making. Math gives us a repeatable, statistical advantage over our competitors, and yet many of us still rely on our guts.

Robert has written several papers and given presentations related to algorithmic identification of opportunities and been an advisor to government and business leaders on ways to better maximize its IT investments. He also served on many civic boards over the course of his career, and he is currently serving the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Civic Federation of Chicago, Business Leadership Council

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