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  Tuesday, January 18, 2022 
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Inner Circle

Virtual Peer Advisory Program


Group Mentoring & Executive Coaching


The Inner Circle is for our most dedicated executives who want to upgrade to quarterly coaching and be included in an additional quarterly “peer mentoring” group to define and track their team and career goals.

These executives mentor each other in the areas of strategic planning and accountability, organizational politics, highly sensitive challenges, communications & presentation skills and more.

This level also includes executive coaching in the areas of executive branding, mindset, communication skills and career development.



Get the Full Brochure & Schedule a Discovery Call HERE.

All Peer Advisory Program members start with a Discovery Call. Please follow the link and fill out the form on that page, OR contact Maria at 847-837-3900 x 1 or mtuthill@technologyexecutivesclub.com to schedule.



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