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  Sunday, May 22, 2022 
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Member Stories

Serving our members is at the core of our program. Here is feedback on our Programs from some of our members!


Tom Drez, CIO, Christian Brothers Services
“We joined the Technology Executives Club Peer Advisory Program after experiencing the quality of education networking first hand for a couple of years. The program has met our needs, gives us great information and resources to bring back to our full IT Leadership Team, is cost-effective and even fun, if IT can be fun!”


Brian Cleveland, VP of Technology, VI Senior Living
"I've known Alex for many years and I've been going to his programs also for many years.   So I knew of the quality of the programming and the content that he was delivering.  When he first approached me about the Peer Advisory Program I was really interested because it was always a challenge for me to build, cultivate and sustain a professional network, and then leverage it when I needed it.   I've had a great experience being a member of the peer advisory group.  I find a significant amount of value in the program.  First, there are a lot of quality members.   The virtual board of advisors meetings provide a great opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and get advice.   Second, the business match-making and the connection service is a great way to get help.  If you have a specific issue or problem, the Club can connect you with someone in the group that may have had similar experience with the problem.  Third, the leadership coaching and the peer advisory library are a huge value. I would highly recommend joining."


Tom Hupp, CIO, Hydraforce
"I've been in the peer advisory group for a couple of years, and it really has three paybacks.  We all have limited time and money to spend.   It's not too expensive and you'll get that cash back because you'll learn a lot and you'll save time working with vendors and consultants.  First, It's a quick payback.   I can vouch for probably 10 times for us.  And you should get a quick payback also if you're doing anything meaningful in your organization and trying to drive change.  Second, our time is very precious.  And even though there are 12 virtual meetings a year, you'll get that time back because if you're asking the group for any help, it'll save you a ton of time.   And the third payback is that you get to pay back to everybody else.   You get to contribute your experience and knowledge to everybody else.  So that's a “feel good” payback.  I highly recommend you look into the program and consider joining. You'll find the time well worth it."


Gene Schaff, Director of IT, Tiller Corporation
"Joining the Technology Executives Club peer advisory board will allow access to fellow colleagues that have similar challenges and daily tasks that I experience. There are many associations and networks available today, however, this group will be built specifically for IT leaders that can share their experiences as well as discuss topics ('hot items') that will be relevant to our unique group. I look forward to learning as well as contributing to this very valuable resource."


Ken Jatczak, CIO & VP of IT, BBB Industries
"I had the opportunity to take a CIO Job at BBB industries in the Mobile, Alabama area.   It's not easy to make and retain contacts in the IT professional community from a remote community.   So I saw great value in the relationship with Alex and the folks at work with him and everybody that's involved with this Peer Advisory Group network.  The Peer Advisory Group gives me the opportunity to reach out to those folks that are part of the program.   We meet every month (virtually) on a regular basis.   But even beyond the regular (virtual) meetings, I can reach out to them anytime.  I ask the Club to help push out a question I might have, or something that I might need some advice  or encouragement on. And I'll get handfuls of responses!   All the content (meetings and summits) is available for me to access anytime I want.   The Peer Advisory Group provides a valuable group of relationships.   And especially with me being remote, it keeps me connected with the community."

MORE Program Feedback

 "The Club provided an excellent program ...today!" — Scott Tompkins, Dir, Information Security, Williams Lea Americas 

“Nice Job. You rock! — Kurt Sholly, Director of Technology, Cottage Door Press

“The content….was well worth the time....”— Brian Heuckroth, Principal, Oobleck Power

"It was an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge…”— Randy Carey, Director of IT, Manitou Americas

"The Summit was a great... investment for any CIO/IT leader to heighten knowledge of technology trends and IT leadership insight."—Tom Hupp, CIO, Hydraforce 

"I was so inspired I couldn't wait ...and start changing the world!" — Julie Gartner, Director of Information Systems & Technology, Kenall

“Great value for any CIO.  Relevant ideas and strategy that can be applied to any Mid-Market Organization.”
 —Ed Hoff, Former Director of IT, Christian Brother Services

"The process of aligning the strategic plan with business priorities ... was practical and insightful."
— Sai Ravichandran, Director of IT, The Morton Arboretum 

“This is a great opportunity for me to learn how others have experienced and solved similar problems as ours.”
—Jerry Acheson, FormerExecutive Director of IT, National Merit Scholarship



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