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  Tuesday, January 18, 2022 
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program overview & Membership options  
Technology Executives Club®, has been empowering CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and and other senior technology executives since 2001!  
the benefit  
Our Programs will help you and your team get empowered to become what we call "Highly Effective Technology Executives," so you can quickly build and run "High Impact" Technology Organizations. The result is a faster transformation of your department, company and career.  
our delivery model  
In our delivery model, above, you'll see the benefits of each type of service in each box, starting with the Free Insiders Club and Ending in our Peer Advisory Program's Inner Circle. As you move higher (or to the right) in our programs, the speed and impact of transformation accelerates.  
Our difference  
Technology Executives Club combines a highly-vetted & facilitated Virtual Peer-Based Peer Advisory Community of CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and Senior Technology Executives with a Virtual Live & On-Demand Professional Development & Executive Coaching Program.  
The Virtual Peer Advisory Program acts as the accelerator for your transformation and faciliates mastery in the Ten Disciplines of Highly Effective Technology Leaders. You'll get the right strategies on your most pressing issues when you need them.  
The Professional Development program's focus on getting you the net-net strategies for each of the Ten Disciplines of Highly Effective Technology Leaders provides the backbone of the transformation. Fill in the gaps for your own enablement and/or use for your team growth.  
Member Stories  
Learn How some of our members have benefited from their participation in the club's programs    
There are three membership programs to choose from:  
our Free insiders Club provides regular strategic insights, complimentary virtual seminars (Live and On-Demand), call for speakers and more.    
virtual peer advisory program  
Our core program provides relevant & timely feedback from your virtual board of advisors, 2 Levels of executive coaching (standard & Inner Circle) & full access to our Technology Executives U™ Program.    
technology executives u™ - individual & Team Programs  
The Technology Executives U™ Program helps you transform by virtual and on-demand access to the key strategies of the ten disciplines in a virtual & on-Demand platform. includes all live & on-demand workshops combined with over 350 keynote presentations and keynote panels.    
Getting Started: Here are the next steps  


1. Follow the Links on the LEFT OR above for information about each program

2. Set up A Discovery Call and Get a Brochure with detailed features and pricing options by level here.


3. Contact us directly at mtuthill@technologyexecutivesclub.com or call 847-837-3900 x1.





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