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Sunday, June 13, 2021 
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Learn about our:

Virtual Peer Advisory


Digital Leadership Programs

From the Desk of Alex Jarett, CEO



We offer three membership programs:

Our two premium programs include multiple services bundled into two membership levels:

    • Virtual Peer Advisory Program

    • Digital Leadership Program

In this Membership Area you can read about each premium program, review feedback from our members and apply to test key features from either of the two membership programs.

Qualified Executives* are invited to learn about the program, then test Key Features before you join!

Follow the tabs on the left for the details.

Interested? Here are the next steps:

1. Apply to Test Out Key features and Set up A Discovery Call.

Fill out the form here for Application & Discovery Call:

A member of our team will reach out to you to set up an Discovery Call.

During the call, we’ll walk you through the program, determine mutual fit, and if warrented, get you set up to test one or more of the key features as part of the membership application and evaluation process.

2. Questions or already familiar with us and ready to apply to join?

Proceed directly to Apply, or reach out to us directly at mtuthill@technologyexecutivesclub.com or call 847-837-3000 x1.

Thank you for visiting! Get Started now by getting feedback from some of our members!

Please follow the tabs on the left for the details and to apply.

* Qualfied executives:

1, For the Virtual Peer Advisory Program: Must be Director Level and above, CIO, CTO, Senior Technology, Innovation, Digital Executive. Vendors and IT related consultants not allowed in the Virtual Peer Advisory Program, however, CIOs/CTOs from larger vendors/consulting firms may apply and qualify if Internal Only.

2. For the Digital Leadership Program: All executives qualify from all types of companies.




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