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  Tuesday, October 26, 2021 
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Technology Executives U™

Virtual Live & On-Demand Professional Development Program

This program combines all live and on-demand Professional Development Workshops with full access to all of our standard channels on our Technology Executives U™ streaming online executive education platform.

Available on your cell phone (Apple/Android), PC or Mac, and Tablet.
Professional Development Workshops — Live & On-Demand

Focused on the Essential IT Disciplines

By working with our Peer-based Community, we identified the following essential Disciplines that are “difference” makers in their careers as IT executives and their impact on the organization.


Our Difference: Each workshop is designed specifically for senior executives and their teams who want the main strategies quickly and real life insights from their peers, and templates they can use on topic to start immediately. Every workshop includes: 1. Executive Briefing on Key Strategies—based upon our research, interview our members and survey material prior to the workshop; 2. Case Studies. We average 2-3 case studies for EVERY workshop. The speakers are working practitioners. CIOs, CTOs, and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives; 3. Starter templates. These basic templates help you and your team members get started right away.

Each Quarter, we conduct a new virtual workshop live in one of these broad categories. We then take the recordings, edit them, add additional material as needed including templates, and then post for on-demand viewing in the Technology Executives U™ portal. Just as we did with our current standard channels (see below), we are methodically building a library of professional development workshops on-demand for our members and their teams.

Here are the current On-Demand Workshops and upcoming list of workshops.*

Strategic Planning, IT Alignment & Portfolio Project Scoring for CIOS, CTOs and Digital Leaders


The key to an effective IT Strategic Plan is alignment with the business.

In this foundational workshop you'll learn how to align your plan with the business strategies and gain alignment with the business executives.

Includes: Stategy On-A Page Templates


Project Portfolio Management Foundations


Focus on the projects that matter and get real alignment and with the business executives.

Includes: Project input and basic ranking spreadsheet so you can get started immediately!


Project Management Foundations: Live: 12/16/21

In this important workshop we'll revisit the Project Management Foundations for the hybrid/virtual workplace and virtual team.






Upcoming Workshops

Our Methodology:
For each year we narrow our upcoming workshop topics into 8-10 topics from the 6 discipline areas based upon our long range plan and our work with our membership. Then we survey our members and finalize our quarterly plan. As of this date, we have identified these potential workshops topics for 2022. As noted above, we will create four of these in 2022:

Agile Project Management
Servant Leadership For CIOs/CTOs & Senior Technology Executives
Cyber Security Foundations
Change Management Foundations
Stakeholder Management Principles
Innovation Management Process Strategies
Digital Transformation Framework
Communication Skills for CIOs & Senior Tech Execs
Dev Ops Foundations
Business Process Analysis
Customer Experience Journey Mapping

The Program Also includes full access to all Standard Channel Listings - On-Demand.


You'll get access to over 350 presentations, keynote panels and case studieS

Plus All the On-demand Workshops


All channels - All the time!

Case Studies

The Cloud

Customer Experience

Cyber Security & Risk Mgt.

Data Strategies

Virtual Seminars






Digital Leadership




Emerging Technology


Intelligent Enterprise






Each workshop is available for $297 on-demand.

As you can see, the membership (see the chart below) offers a considerable savings for those executives and their teams who want access to all the workshops and plus full access to all the channels all the time.

The membership program grows in value as we add a new workshop every quarter and also add new content to our standard channels (see next section) each on a regular basis!



Membership Options:

Executive - 1 Member

a. Monthly at $97 per month. JOIN HERE NOW

b. Annual at $1000 per year. JOIN HERE NOW

Team - 1-6 Members

a. Monthly at $297 per month. JOIN HERE NOW

b. Annual at $2995 per year. JOIN HERE NOW



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