About Us

Hi, this is Alex Jarett, founder, CEO & Executive Director of Technology Executives U™ and Technology Executives Club ®.

Since 2001, we've been empowering CIOS, Senior Technology & Digital Executives to become "Highly Effective Technology Leaders" though Master Class Workshops (Virtual & On-Demand), Executive Leadership Coaching, Virtual Peer Advisory.

By participating in our programs, you and your team can accelerate your contribution to your company's mission and goals, and enjoy greater business & career success.

Our company was previously known as a premier provider of regional CIO conferences and seminars.   In 2016 we launched our Virtual Peer Advisory & Executive Coaching program.  In 2021 we launched our first Virtual Masterclass Workshop along with our Technology Executives U™ program, which now serves as an entry point to our offerings. 

We still use the name, Technology Executives Club to honor our legacy for our fall and spring summit and live virtual seminars. 

It is our honor to serve you and your team! 

Alex Jarett

Founder, CEO & Executive Director

Technology Executives U™
Technology Executives Club®


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