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Friday, February 28, 2020 
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Alex Jarett, Founder & CEO,
Technology Executives Club®

You are invited to learn about our
Peer Advisory Program.

For CIOs, VPs, Director and above.

Hi. This is Alex Jarett, Founder and CEO of the Technology Executives Club.

This program came about from other members who asked me to put together a program that would act as a "Virtual Board of Advisors." The other members of this group will be your peers.  You will help them and they will help you.  

As one of the first charter members told me,

"Sometimes I feel like I am making these decisions on an island. This program will give me a group of trusted peers I can get help from."

Another charter member told me,

"It's one thing to see your peers in passing at events. What is exciting to me about this program is the ability to develop close relationships with other executives who are facing the same challenges as me."

I identified other programs designed for CEO’s and programs designed for CIO’s of extremely large enterprises, but no independent program of quality existed for Midmarket CIOs and the senior Technology, Innovation & Digital executives we serve.  So we started it!

Our Peer Advisory Program has three key principles:

    1. First - All of our meetings are virtual, so executives from all 50 states can participate.

    2. It must be a group of vetted Peers;

    3. Everyone involved must agree to help each other.

Fast forward to today, and the program provides:

    1. A virtual board of advisors;

    2. An urgent assistance program;

    3. A connection service;

    4. Technology Innovation Leadership Coaching

    5. Complete access to our CIO Book Summaries, All Summits on Demand and more.


To receive the information, please fill out the form below. Maria Tuthill will reach out and schedule a call and we'll review the program and see if this is something that could benefit you.

I hope we have the opportunity to talk!

Please fill out the form, below.


P.S.  Can't wait?  Reach out to Maria at 847-837-3900 x 1 or email her at to schedule a call today.











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