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  Friday, September 17, 2021 
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Virtual Peer Advisory Program

Create Mastery in the key disciplines through a Virtual Board of Advisors & Executive Coaching

For our more dedicated members.

The Virtual Peer Advisory Program Combines reinforcement training on the essential CIO disciplines and strategies from the workshops, combined with a virtual board of advisors of your peers and executive coaching.

Learn the principles and the strategies from the workshops and get to work.

Join the Virtual Peer Advisory Program for comradary, feedback from your peers, executive coaching and mastery.

Services- Here are the Key Services that you get as part of this program:

1. Monthly Coaching on the key principles FROM your peers.

Each month we host a "What's Working Now" Session on the same topics as the workshops. The result is you get consistent feedback on what really works each month and you'll achieve mastery over time.

2. A Virtual Board of Advisors of your Peers.
Each member is vetted and agrees to help each other. Let our virtual board of advisors of your peers help you make the right decisions faster, and with more confidence as you shape your company's Digital Transformation and Innovation.

3.  Urgent Assistance Program
Have an urgent situation and need to talk to a qualified peer who has had experience with a similar situation?  The urgent assistance program will get you connected - fast, and in time to make a difference.

3.  Connection Service
Want to build your base of qualified contacts using demographics or other parameters?  Let our connection service help you make this happen.

5. CIO Virtual & On-Demand Workshop Program
All Peer Advisory Program members get full access to our CIO Virtual & On-Demand Workshop Program, which includes our complete virtual workshop program and full access ot our On-Demand member portal.

5.  Expanded Team Access to the TechnologyExecutivesU™ On-Demand Education Platform
Get expanded access to the CIO Virtual & On Demand Workshop Program and the full membership portal.

7. Optional - Inner Circle - Your Private Mentoring Group
The Inner Circle is the high level virtual Private Mentoring Group (Mastermind) for those select executives who want quarterly combined coaching on Executive Branding & Presentation Skills, combined with a private mentor group of peers highly dedicated to each other. The topics covered in these mentor session include: Strategic Planning & Accountability, Mindset, Organizational Politics (Alignment & Influence) & Executive Branding. The objective is accelerated performance and career / company satisfaction.

Benefits of the Program

As one of the first charter members told me,

"Sometimes I feel like I am making these decisions on an island. This program will give me a group of trusted peers I can get help from."

Another charter member told me,

"It's one thing to see your peers in passing at events. What is exciting to me about this program is the ability to develop close relationships with other executives who are facing the same challenges as me."

Key Benefits:

    • Achieve mastery on the CIO Core Disciplines & Essential Strategies through monthly group coaching sessions on the topics.
    • Plug into an immediate Virtual Board of Advisors of your peers.

    • Get Valuable Feedback from your peers during your monthly virtual board meetings.

    • Save Time by avoiding common pitfalls when you get feedback from your peers.

    • When an emergency arises—get connected for immediate feedback with a trusted peer who has had similar experience when you need it!

    • Use the connection service to build your vetted network of peers AND providers.

    • Gain immediate access for you and your team to over 300 CIOs and executive based faculty members with the included Team membership to the Technology Executives U™ online executive education program.

    • Build Digital Leadership skills for you and your team.

Next Steps: Schedule a Discovery Call. All Peer Advisory Program members start with a Discovery Call. Please contact Maria at 847-837-3900 x 1 or mtuthill@technologyexecutivesclub.com to schedule.



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