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Saturday, January 16, 2021 
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Virtual Peer Advisory Program

The idea for the Virtual Peer Advisory Program came from one of our CIOs in the community who shared his need for a virtual, facilitated peer group. He wanted to be able to compare strategies and get feedback from trusted peers, because no one in his company understood all the challenges he and IT were facing and he wanted feedback from an unbiased source he could trust. He also wanted to give back to the other members of the group. He explained to me that he didn’t have the time to put it together, and asked if I would do so!

We agreed to launch the new service, and the first version of the Peer Advisory Program™ was born. 

Our Five Key Principles

  1. First:  Each member is vetted, so this is a true group of peers.
  2. Second:  Each member agrees to hold sensitive issues in confidence.
  3. Third:  Each Member Agrees to help fellow members when possible.
  4. Fourth:  Our group is virtual, with the opportunity to meet in person if you choose.
  5. Fifth: Our research surveys, workshops and online executive education programs are member-directed, which means the organization produces the research, content and education that our Members want.

Services- Here are the Key Services that you get as part of this program:

1. A Virtual Board of Advisors of your Peers.
Each member is vetted and agrees to help each other. Let our virtual board of advisors of your peers help you make the right decisions faster, and with more confidence as you shape your company's Digital Transformation and Innovation.

2.  Urgent Assistance Program
Have an urgent situation and need to talk to a qualified peer who has had experience with a similar situation?  The urgent assistance program will get you connected - fast, and in time to make a difference.

3.  Connection Service
Want to build your base of qualified contacts using demographics or other parameters?  Let our connection service help you make this happen.

4. Research Program
This unique program starts with Member-Directed Surveys, resulting in Member's Only Survey Results, On-Demand Presentation & Comparison Tool
New Research Module is provided Quarterly

5. Leadership & Management Virtual Workshops
We start with Member Directed Topics, then create Virtual Leadership/Management Workshops taught by CIOs and Senior executives in our community and industry experts. The result is these workshops are both relevant and actionable! New Workshops Created Quarterly & Available On-Demand

6.  Expanded Team Access to the TechnologyInnovationU™ Member Portal On-Demand
Get up to 12 participants in the full TechnologyInnovationU™ executive education program on-demand, which includes all the standard Channels as shown on the membership chart and the online education portal sections.

7. Optional - Inner Circle
The Inner Circle is the high level virtual Mastermind for those select executives who want additional coaching focused on Accountability, Mindset & Executive Branding. The objective is accelerated performance. As an example, for the Accountability portion of the program, we start with the creation of a one page strategic plan, followed by specific goals for the quarter. After the plan is reviewed by the PAP group for feedback, we regroup quarterly to establish accountability and brainstorming on forward movement, utilizing any resources from the community to assist you in your process.


Benefits of the Program

As one of the first charter members told me,

"Sometimes I feel like I am making these decisions on an island. This program will give me a group of trusted peers I can get help from."

Another charter member told me,

"It's one thing to see your peers in passing at events. What is exciting to me about this program is the ability to develop close relationships with other executives who are facing the same challenges as me."

Key Benefits:

    • Plug into an immediate Virtual Board of Advisors of your peers.

    • Get Valuable Feedback from your peers during your monthly virtual board meetings.

    • Save Time by avoiding common pitfalls when you get feedback from your peers.

    • When an emergency arises—get connected for immediate feedback with a trusted peer who has had similar experience when you need it!

    • Use the connection service to build your vetted network of peers AND providers.

    • Gain immediate access for you and your team to over 185 CIOs and executive based faculty members with the included Team membership to the TechnologyInnovationX™ online executive education program.

    • Build Digital Leadership skills for you and your team.

Next Steps: Try before you join.

Interested? Then test out some of the key features including the virtual board of advisors meeting, urgent assistance program and online education portal. Fill out the form on the front of this section to schedule an informational call and to get set up to try some of the key features.



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