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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 
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Benchmark Survey Program


Starting Soon

As a service to our community we'll be offering regular national surveys tied in with the topics of each of our published workshops.

The purpose is to create a benchmark to determine which workshops may be of benefit to you and your team


Strategic PlanninG: Alignment, IT Planning, PPP & The Budget

Q2, 2021

COMING SOON in conjunction with our upcoming Workshop Release

Strategic planning for CIOs & Digital Leaders

Survey To be Completed Q1, 2021, Published Q2, 2021

Q1 2021 AThe key to an effective stragic plan is the ability to take action. In this research survey, we'll focus on learning how CIOs and Digital Leaders are effectively using the strategic planning process to create positive change. We'll also learn key challenges as part of the survey results.

Strategic PPM & Scoring

Survey To be launched later in 2021

How are you choosing your projects to complete. Is your process aligned with your company politics? Coming soon.

Executive Branding, Communication & Presentation strategies

Survey to be launched in 2022

Digital Leaders understand the value of modern Executive Branding, and top rate communication & presentation skills. How do you and your team rate?






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