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Saturday, June 06, 2020 
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Alex Jarett, Founder & CEO,
Technology Executives Club®

You are invited to learn about our
Servant Leadership Program.

One of Three Pillars of our TechnologyInnovationX™ program

For CIOs, VPs, Director and above.

Hi. This is Alex Jarett, Founder and CEO of the Technology Executives Club & Creator of our TechnologyInnovationX™ Online Executive Education & Peer Advisory Program.

Leadership is Essential to Driving Real Change Through Technology Innovation & Digital Transformation.

The TechnologyInnovationX™ program is the Premier Online Executive Education, Peer Advisory & Servant Leadership coaching program dedicated to helping Mid Market CIOs & Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives leverage Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation & Servant Leadership to drive corporate growth, career advancement and satisfaction.

This is a completely virtual program and can be used anywhere!

There are three key pillars of the service:

1. Online Executive Education & Research

2. Peer Advisory

3. Servant Leadership Coaching for CIOs

Servant Leadership Coaching for CIOs

The Servant Leadership coaching and training program for CIOs and their teams derived from our Peer Advisory Program meetings.

Many of these challenges were leadership challenges so we started conducting leadership coaching within the program, until we eventually decided to include leadership coaching and training as a main pillar of our service. At that point, we evaluated different leadership disciplines and chose servant leadership as the core discipline to teach.

We chose the servant leadership discipline as the foundation for our leadership coaching and training program because we believe that it is the best fit for the multiple generations that a CIO or senior technology, digital or innovation executive will lead.

In this era when our younger employees will in many ways know more than us on how to solve innovation and digital transformation challenges, the Servant Leadership model provides the best model for empowerment and real productive results.

Then we modified it to be specific to the needs of CIOs and senior Technology, Innovation & Digital executives!

Key Benefits:

  • Training available for both the senior executives and your managers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

  • Works with multiple generations effectively!

  • Works to create empowerment which creates results.

  • Tailored to the specific needs of the CIO and senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives.

  • Training Modules included in the baseline, standard TechnologyInnovationX™ program, so your team can benefit at any level.

  • Coaching modules for Peer Advisory program members.


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  3. We’ll also immediately direct you to a page to get a 30 day trial in our TechnologyInnovationX™ online education portal!

I hope we have the opportunity to talk!


P.S.  Can't wait?  Reach out to Maria at 847-837-3900 x 1 or email her at to schedule a call today

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