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Saturday, January 16, 2021 
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Hybrid Summit Sponsorships

Note - Summits are scheduled to resume March 2021, Subject to the COVID-19 situation
and Illinois regulations.


Hybrid Summit Sponsorship Options

The Club hosts four Hybrid Summits in Chicago annually marketed to Tri-State Area and Midwest.

These exclusive events are targeted towards: CIOs, Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives at Enterprise & Mid Market companies.  We limit the number of sponsors to ensure you have access to the decision makers!  Compare to other C-Level events. We keep the ratio of buyer/seller high at to give you a great ROI. Average Registration is 100—110 registrants. Average Show Rate is 55 + attendees per summit.

Virtual Webinar Campaigns are marketed to entire US for 1 month prior and 3 months after the event!

Each In-Person Speaking Sponsorship includes a 6-8 week regional campaign combined withe a 4 month virtual campaign that creates exposure and lead generation before, during and after the event and related webinar!


  • Gain Exposure Nationwide—each Summit and Broadcast webinar portion is marketedto over 117,000 CIOs and senior Technology, Digital & Innovation Executives. (3-4 week campaign) Sponsors get exposure during this process. The virtual seminar is marketed tothese executives a least 3 times per virtual seminar. The summit is marketed to theregional audience.

  • Gain Leads as executives register—speaking sponsorships include a drop down registration option. As executives register they proactively choose sponsors that theywant to hear from.


  • In-Person Speaking Spot per options below.


  • Gain full registration list for initial follow up and drip marketing.

  • FOR ONE MONTH AFTER: We continue to market the ON-Demand Version of the webinar portion to our national audience for an additional 3-4 weeks creating additional On-Demand leads!

  • FOR MONTH TWO AND THREE: Get Your Own On-Demand Landing Page with your specific presentation! We POST with lead generation form an MP4 of your presentation in our On-Demand area that you can reference for your targeted (rep based) lead generation!

  • (MP4 also available upon request)

Sponsorship Options:

  • Platinum Sponsor—Includes a Keynote Speaking Slot for the in-person event, the full List, Booth and more.  Must be thought leadership speech, subject to approval.  $7,500
  • Gold Sponsor—Includes a Keynote Panel Moderator Slot, the Full List, Booth, and more. $6,250

  • Silver Sponsor— Includes a 2 minute introductory commercial, the Full List, Booth and More. $4975.

ADD-On Options:

  • Upgrade your speaking slot to include the national webinar! $3500

  • On-Demand Landing Page - $3500

Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Summits are shown on the Summit Calendar HERE


There are a limited number of sponsors for each Summit. Sponsors are approved on a first come/first serve basis.

If interested, please fill out the form on the Sponsor Area home page HERE and indicate your interest in the summit program on the form.

Reach out Directly: You can also reach us directly at or call 847-837-3900 x2.


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