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Saturday, January 16, 2021 
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What our Members Say

The Club prides itself in quality events and services.  Here is recent feedback from some of our participants at our events.  If you have a testimonial, please e-mail us. Thank you! 

"It's like Gartner for the rest of us!"
Fortune 500 IT Director and Gartner subscriber

  • "Key Value: Networking with peers and with vendors & solution providers."
    Walter Lefmann, Director, Security Officer
    CTC Trading Group LLC

  • "GOOD TOPIC: Innovation within PMOs is very appropriate in today's economy."
    Jim Mikowski, Senior Project Manager
    BMO Harris

  • "Excellent flow on the material presented."
    Kevan Collins, Director, IT PMO
    United Airlines

  • "It was an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge of PPM and PM a well as expand my professional relationships."
    Randy Carey, Director of IT
    Manitou Americas

  • "The process of aligning the strategic plan with business priorities and portfolio management priorities was practical and insightful."
    Sai Ravichandran, Director of IT
    The Morton Arboretum

  • "The event was well organized and packed with content relevant to any IT shop. I especially enjoyed the keynote panelists. The participants were well prepared and presented valuable examples for the questions posed. Thank you for a good use of my time."
    Judy Nagy

  • "Thank you for a wonderful experience. The seminar was very helpful and your group has a lot to offer its membership."
    Dan McSweeney, IT Regulatory Compliance
    United Airlines

  • "Excellent content and very engaging and passionate speakers!"
    Chet Phillips, VP of IT
    Vi Senior Living

  • "Alex, thanks for hosting another great golf outing! The Judge group found the golf outing very productive as a sponsor and participant. We meet a number of great contacts and everyone enjoyed themselves. The event itself was very well organized. And the course was great . We especially liked the way you handled the early start coordinated with the luncheon and awards ceremony, which attributed to the good attendance. We are already following up with a number of the contacts that we met."
    Dan Kilburg, Account Manager
    The Judge Group

  • "A good overview of leading-edge technology with just the right amount of information for senior IT Management."
    Kanch Kumar, Senior Manager, Information Systems

  • "Just-in-time information on technology topics, networking and vendor intros."
    Michael Roman, Analytics Manager
    Wells Fargo Advisors

  • "This is one of the best technology organizations in the community/industry."
    Betsy Yung, Principal
    Logic Kingdon Enterprise

  • "Through attending the Technology Executives Club's various seminars, I have gained so much knowledge, which only helps me in my career."
    Russell Mangialardi, General Manager
    Cooper Technica, Inc.

  • "I find the Technology Executives Club seminars to be very useful for continuing education. My rule of thumb is if I can get two or three bits of information from a seminar, that confirm my thinking or show other possibilities, that I can take back to my role at GS1 then it is worth my time, and I consistently get new information and fresh ideas from the Club events."
    Joe Slone, Chief Architect and Sr. Director of Security

  • Our team has produced, participated in and attended dozens if not hundreds of these type of events, and after participating in your Portfolio and Project Management seminar we could not find even one piece of constructive advice to give you because we thought that the overall event was excellent! You did a great job marketing. Your constant emails and other communication to the community brought together a strong audience. The event itself was very well organized. You and your team ran it like clockwork while maintaining the enthusiasm of the crowd. The content of the event was very well balanced between the individual speakers and the keynote panel of practitioners. And finally, the individual coaching you gave me for my segment was on target and helped us create a strong segment.
    Paul Himes, CEO
    Himes & Associates, Ltd.

  • "I thought the organization of the event was flawless. You know your audience. The event was well-organized and well-attended with the right people, and the audience received an excellent combination of topics and presenters. There was a great variety of presentation, skillsets, and backgrounds and we were very pleased to be part of the event."
    Peter Aaronson, General Manager
    Judge Audio Visual Solutions

  • "I just wanted to let you know what a great staff you have. Every interaction with them is professional, warm and welcoming."
    Charles Melidosian, former CIO
    Baird & Warner

  • "The Club provided an excellent program on DR & BCP today!"
    Scott Tompkins, Director, Information Security
    Williams Lea Americas

  • The Club addresses business needs by "giving me a more global perspective of what is going on in technology."
    Robert Carr, Business Technology Analyst
    U.S. Bank

  • "We enjoy the various monthly meetings and find them to be a very effective use of our education resources."
    Gerald Scherkenbach, VP, Technology Compliance Manager
    U.S. Bank

  • The Club "allows me and my organization to stay in touch with technology."
    Gary Willard, Data Center Manager
    Chicago Sun-Times

  • "Thank you - It was such a well organized and attended event. Always a pleasure to be part of TEC."
    Charlie Melidosian, CIO,
    Baird & Warner

  • "The Club provides insight into how other organizations are addressing the same problems that my organization faces."
    Scott Tompkins, Director of Information Security
    Williams Lea

  • "Enjoyed yesterday's event, the material and speakers really covered the subjects well. Great event ..."
    Tom Fahner, Field Support & End User Services Manager - Midwest
    US Cellular

  • "I subscribe to a number of prominent analyst groups and network at the national level, but I am delighted to be involved with the IT Leaders Circle as well for three reasons. 1. First, I want to build my base of other IT executives in the region to be able to compare notes and help each other with the common issues we face; 2. Second, the topics that Alex and his team have chosen are in synch with my own strategic plan; and 3. Third, the Club's track approach offers me an affordable alternative to keep my key team members up to date on the top issues relevant to their responsibilities."
    Ed Busse, Director Global Information Technology

  • "This was my first [IT Leaders Circle Luncheon] event and I was very impressed with everyone and the facilities... I am very keen to meet my peers at other organizations and find out what they are doing and issues they are struggling with. I was able to connect with at least 5 peers in a meaningful way which is 5 more than I had before the event. I can't wait for the next one!"
    Mark S. Las, Director of Information Technology
    Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler Inc.

  • "As a K-12 Director of Technology, I have found that the IT Leaders Circle exposed me to Business IT Leaders from large companies. This allows me to learn about IT processes and procedures that I can adopt to education."
    Darrell Walery, Director of Technology
    Consolidated High School District 230

  • "As both the Director of Information Technology for Illinois Institute of Technology's Center for Professional Development and the Associate Director of our degree programs in Information Technology and Management, it's critical that I keep up with the latest trends in the industry and expand connections for the university. The Technology Executives Club and it's new IT Leaders Circle provides me with access to other top Chicago-area IT executives in a forum that allows me to interact with them to see how they are managing their IT investments and making their strategic decisions regarding the issues that face us all."
    Ray Trygstad, Director of Information Technology
    Illinois Institute of Technology

  • "I joined the IT Leaders Circle to be able to network and share ideas with like-minded executives and keep pace within this fast changing industry. I want to keep learning, and continue to be creative in my job - by discussing topics that are relevant to my position with other executives, I'll be able to do that. Although I attend National conferences, I'm excited to join with other executives who also work in this region and understand the unique challenges and opportunities our area has to offer."
    Lisa G. Brumbaugh, Vice President - Corporate Project Management
    Standard Bank & Trust Co.

  • "I am excited about the Technology Executives Club IT Leaders Circle because of the opportunity to understand what problems other technology leaders are facing and approaches they are using to solve them. It is all too easy these days to simply soak in your own juices within your organization and believe that you’re doing everything right. It’s important to understand other’s perspectives and the IT Leaders Circle will give me the ability to do that. I am also hoping to increase the awareness of the local technology community of new technologies as well as open source initiatives and applied analytics."
    Mark Friedgan, CIO

  • "I am very excited about joining the new Leadership Circle where I can meet with my peers and learn from them. I have always found the panel discussions very valuable and anticipate the roundtable discussions will be particularly helpful focused extension of that value. Others from CNA have attended sessions and found them to be very valuable. I find the Club to be an excellent forum to network and learn from other IT professionals who are experiencing similar or shared business experiences."
    John Landenberger, Client Engagement Executive
    CNA Insurance

  • "Our organization has been a member of the Technology Executive Club since 2006. We initially joined as a cost effective way to network and share timely industry information with other IT professionals. We have been really impressed by the presentations and knowledge/credentials of those presenting. Clearly the Club is dedicated to delivering value to its members by bringing top industry leaders."
    Bonita Gillman, PMP, Director Information Services
    Gateway Foundation

  • "I had to write you and the other masterminds behind yesterday's event to congratulate you. I have attended many such meetings here in Chicago and elsewhere and found them to be primarily a waste of time. Yesterday's event was a an exception to that rule.  You all did an incredible job with content, structure, presenters - and it drew some outstanding people too.
    Thank you so much for all the effort and thought that went into the event. I will certainly attend more ... Great job!!"
    Sarah Nelson
    Self Reliance Society, LLC

  • "I regularly use the Technology Executive Club's database of whitepapers, webinars and articles to research new technologies, technical solutions for business issues and to generally research technology for personal professional development. The library that the club has developed has been a great consolidation of resource materials for helping me to see where IT can be leveraged to support the business side of the organization."
    Tom Fahner, End User Computing Manager
    State of Illinois-BCCS

  • "One of my projects this year has been to review our IT model and adjust for our changing organization. I found the seminar very rewarding in that the discussion and presentations added credence to the steps I had taken. I also now have some excellent resources for networking when I have questions going forward. I was quite pleased to strike up a conversation with another participant who might be able to assist me with metrics! It was a value-added event for me!"
    Carole A. Long, Vice-President of Information Systems
    Flexible Steel Lacing Company

  • "I have found the technology seminars to be very helpful in providing me with a high level overview of disparate practices and technologies. The speakers are subject matter experts and deliver informative presentations. Technology Executive Club events are good places to meet technology executives from companies of all sizes. The setting is conducive to conversation and informal learning experiences."
    Greg Hubbard, Director of Application Development,
    Q Interactive

  • "I thought it was a great seminar, the speakers were fantastic and the presentations were very relevant. I would definitely consider attending again. I would be interested in learning more about membership in the club."
    Steve Pincsak, Technical Project Manager
    Resurrection Health Care

  • "I attended because of my involvement with business continuity at the county level. I look at it from a broader perspective than just IT, though. This event was very informative, though, and I learned a lot from it. I was afraid it might be too technical for me, but I was pleasantly surprised and walked away with useful information and knowledge."
    Kathy Schwei, Emergency Management
    Waukesha County Emergency Management

  • "Worknet is thrilled to be associated with Technology Executives Club, its events and in this community of IT leaders. We have a number of clients whom are part of the club as well as other organizations whom are considering our Managed Services. By speaking at the club and bringing thought-provoking subject matter expertise, we are able to add value to this wonderful community and find additional opportunities to explore from like-minded Chicago-land IT leaders. From our last speaking engagement, we have three follow-up appointments set focused on solutions core to Worknet."
    Biff L. Myre, Director

  • "Laurus Technologies has been a sponsor and supporter of the Technology Executives Club for a number of years. Our marketing approach includes goals in Brand Awareness, Demand Generation, and Thought Leadership; the Technology Executives Club model helps us achieve all three. What I like about the Technology Executives Club is its unique model which integrates seminars with presentation opportunities, webinars, targeted media, online lead generation, and an IT Leaders Circle program that helps drive executive engagement. With the TEC, we've been able to demonstrate pipeline growth and measurable sales increases that we would not have otherwise attained."
    Steve Susina, Director of Marketing
    Laurus Technologies

  • "It was my first meeting since joining the Technology Executives Club and I was very impressed by the presentations and the honest dialogue between business plan presenters and panel.  I learned so much ..."
    Chris Jostes, President

  • "I thought the IT Risk Management Program yesterday was very informative truly learning what IT professionals real concerns are today and what they deal with day to day. David Nolan did an outstanding job with his presentation along with being the panel mediator.

    Network security is big concern for all businesses, many of which will do there best to protect internal as well as external attacks, but there is all ways these risks can cause sever financial impact's to there companies bottom lines.

    I do risk management work with IT related companies assisting with internal controls, contracts and providing insurance protection for companies that in cure financial these losses. What I picked up during the program I hope to be able to put to use assisting existing clients and prospects."
    Bob Simon, Technology Specialist
    Technology Risk Management

  • "I attended the disaster recovery conference a few weeks back. I wanted to convey my high regard for the event. As a disaster recovery provider, we are continually looking to enhance our service with quality partnerships and provide our customers the latest in industry trends. The conference struck the appropriate balance between content and networking opportunities. Please keep me abreast of other regional events that you will be hosting."
    John Buzzone
    Atlas Digital Solutions
  • "The organization is stellar. The content, the logistics the format and the openness of this group is second to none."
    Jon Colesby
    West Monroe Partners
  • "Thank you for the great afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Technology Executives Club presentation!"
    Dave Ziffer, VP Technology
    HELTHE Corporation

  • "Yesterday's seminar was extremely useful!"
    Ravi Chandran, President
    Binary Machines, Inc.

  • "I was very impressed with the event today - how did you get so many speakers?  You've certainly done a phenomenal job putting the Club together and I think it will get better every year.  We certainly don't live in a boring marketplace, and what better way to find out what's going to keep it exciting than events like ours."
    John Kennedy
    Kennedy Consulting Group, Inc.

  • "I really enjoyed the seminar and really value the work you and the TEC do to provide us access to such great seminars!"
    Maninder Siggh
    Akaal Solutions

  • "Thank you for the message and for the opportunity to network at the golf outing.  You and your staff did an outstanding job."
    Abe Barkin, Business Continuity & Planning, Senior Manager

  • "Just a quick note to say thank you. I have attended lots of golf outings and I have to say this was one of the smoothest. From The White Deer Run Golf Club to the lunch, to the group I was paired with, I couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks for hosting me."
    Mead (Skip) Lasher, Manager Computer Operations
    Kimball Hill Homes


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