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Tuesday, March 31, 2020 
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Welcome to the:

Technology Innovation Institute™

On-Demand Executive Education Dedicated to Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation and Digital Leadership.

For CIOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives!

Home of the CIO Book Summaries™

“It’s like Netflix® for CIOs!”*

From the Desk of Alex Jarett, CEO, Technology Executives Club® & Technology Innovation Institute™
 An overview of the Technology Innovation Institute program




  • How would you like a book summary service specific to the needs of CIOs and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital executives?

  • Would you like to get the insights of experienced peers on Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation and Leadership, any time, on-demand, so you and your team could move your agenda forward without having to learn all the lessons the hard way?

  • Would you like to access these book summaries, presentations and other summaries on your cell phone, tablet or computer, so you and your team could learn any time, when it’s convenient for you?

  • Would you like to get access to these insights without having to spend 1000’s or even tens of thousands of dollars each year to get them?

It started with the CIO Book Summaries™

Hi, I’m Alex Jarett.  In my role as Executive Director of both our Summit Curriculum & our Peer Advisory Program™, I’m constantly listening to the needs of CIOs from Mid-Market companies and the Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executive community.

So when a number of them asked us to provide our popular CIO Book Summaries™ on-demand so they could watch the summaries at any time from any device, we did it, and our members loved it!

So when these same members asked us to expand the service, to provide peer-based executive education focused on Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation, and Digital Leadership, we jumped at the opportunity because I knew we had access to incredible insights from our faculty, and we could offer these insights at a price that any executive could participate in.

Introducing the Technology Innovation Institute™

I’m pleased to present to you the Technology Innovation Institute™, your Online Executive Education and Streaming Service created specifically for CIOs and progressive Technology, Innovation & Digital executives.  

When I first showed it to one of our CIO members he said, “It’s like Netflix™ for CIOs!”  Not only did I love that metaphor, I realized that it was the key to making the content on our On-Demand streaming service accessible for even the busiest executive!

Sport Fans have ESPN +.  Disney Fans have Disney +.  HBO fans have HBO Now.  

And now you have the Technology Innovation Institute ™  - the online executive education and streaming service for CIOs and senior Technology, Innovation & Digital Executives dedicated to Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation and Leadership.

And unlike the multiple Executive Education Certificates and programs you’ll find available, our program won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars to participate in it! ! 

A demo of the Technology Innovation Institute website members area so you can see what the member area looks like


Your New On-Demand service has five key premium “Channels”

  • CIO Book Summaries™  
    Short On-Demand Book Summaries of Top books for CIOs, and Senior Technology, Innovation, and Digital Transformation executives. The only book summary program specific to the needs of CIOs, Senior Technology, Digital and Innovation executives. A new summary added every month! Busy executives who want to keep up with top books in the field without spending all the time use this channel.

  • Digital Leadership
    Leadership is always the difference between success or failure. So we devoted an entire channel to it. Gain access to an entire section of On-Demand modules and workshops On-Demand devoted to Technology Innovation Leadership. Committed executives and their teams who understand that Leadership is the key to moving their companies in the right direction always visit this channel.

  • Technology Innovation Briefings
    Bi-monthly executive level briefings give you the key insights from our summits related to key strategies of Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation & Digital Leadership. Get tested, peer-based strategies you need to keep your digital transformation and innovation agendas moving forward..

  • CIO Case Studies
    At every summit we ask a CIO or Senior technology executive to give a case study presentation. These are typically our highest rated presentations! So we devoted an entire section JUST to case studies. Want to get insights directly from successful peers? Watch this channel.

  • Summits On-Demand
    Want to see a specific presentation from our summit or have your team study an entire summit on-demand? Dig into the complete recordings of our Summits so you and your team could dive into any of the areas covered by our annual curriculum of Technology Innovation, Digital Transformation & Leadership topics. Teams who want online executive education without having to spend six weeks and thousands of dollars use this channel.

For Pricing, Membership Options and How to Join

Click on Join Now and follow the instructions

e. Questions, need an invoice, or want to talk with a person? Contact Maria Tuthill directly at 847-837-3900 x 1 or email




® Netflix is a trademark of Netflix, Inc. and is not affiliated with our service.


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