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Sunday, May 26, 2019 
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Creating a Culture of Innovation at Morningstar

There are two schools of thought for Innovation. One is to create a lab and the other is to create a culture of innovation. Jim will explain how he is working with his team at Morningstar to create a culture of innovation. He will discuss the impediments and common fixes or approaches to converting your organization to a more creative and innovative enterprise. Jim will also discuss the pitfalls to solely using best practices and how to know when it is time to ignore a particular best practice in the interest of true innovation.


Jim Tanner, Chief Innnovation Officer, Morningstar

Presented by Jim Tanner, Chief Innovation Officer, Morningstar

Jim Tanner joined Morningstar in 2012 as global head of Sales and Business Development, and now serves as their Chief Innovation Officer. Prior to joining Morningstar, Jim was an Executive Vice President of Markit responsible for data distribution services as well as Markit on Demand (previously Wall Street On Demand), a leading provider of services in the design, development and hosting of financial services websites, reports and tools. Jim joined Markit in 2010 when Wall Street on Demand was acquired by Markit. He has 20 years’ experience in the management and display of critical financial information, and has three patents.


















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