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Sunday, May 26, 2019 
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The Impact of Digital and Business: Am I in the Rear View Mirror?

One of our more popular recent presentations was given by Carl Deal, VP and Team Lead at Gartner. Carl discussed the impact of the Digital Transofrmation on the enterprise, gave us 10 Gartner Predictions and gave us advice.

This is really a MUST SEE presentation.

In the presentation, Carl discusses:

  • The Top 10 Gartner Predictions for the future as it relates to the Digital Transformation and how you MUSt start planning for it today or be disrupted.
  • How the Nexus of forces is literally changing the way companies conduct business.
  • Why NO company is immune to the potential disruption of the Digital Transformation.
  • Why you should be looking at quick growing companies in your industry and companies that aren't even in your industry
  • Examples of how digitial disruption is already occurring in multiple industries.
  • Strategies you must start taking todayou the competitive edge for the Digital Enterprise.


Jim Tanner, Chief Innnovation Officer, Morningstar

Presented by Carl Deal, Vice President, Team Lead with Gartner Executive Programs

Carl Deal is Vice President, Team Lead with Gartner Executive Programs supporting CIO’s and senior executives across the Global 1000. His primary areas of focus include global technology and business strategic planning, IT business optimization, technology innovation, and business re-engineering. Mr. Deal aids technology and business executives on strategy and innovation, helping them to more effectively lead their organizations through change and challenge, attain profitable growth and key business goals, provide increased thought leadership to their organizations, and better align their business and technology objectives.


















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