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Monday, July 06, 2020 
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Sponsorship & Event Statistics

Welcome to the “Stats” portion of the Sponsor Area.  In this section you’ll learn basic statistics as to the types of executives and companies you will meet as a sponsor of our events.

TEC event sponsorship provides a high ratio of qualified executives that you will meet compared to a low number of actual sponsors in each event.

If you are considering sponsoring our events, be sure to review this page as well as the rest of the Sponsorsection.  (See tabs on the left.)

Overview - We are a C-Level Forum
Our mission is to help CIOs, Chief Innovation & Digital Officers and Senior Technology related executives, director and above, drive corporate growth.

General Stats:

  • Midwest Network of 6,000 IT Executives
  • 15,000 Executives touched each month
  • Club produces 5 Midwest Summits and 5 US Regional Seminars each year
  • Our executive participants come from both Mid-Market and Enterprise companies.

Who participates in our events?
We have executives from both Mid Caps and Large Enterprise companies.  The Mid Cap executives are typically the most senior technology related title (CIO/VP/Director).  For large enterprises, attendees range from some CIOs to a variety of VPs and Directors.

How many executives can we expect to meet at each type of event?
Our strength for sponsors is the high ratio of qualified executives compared to the low number of actual sponsors in each event.

  • Our summits averaged 106 registrants and 67 attendees.
  • Our regional seminars averaged 46 registrants and 26 attendees.

What industries do your attendees come from?
Because our events are geographic, we get executives from all industries, including financial services, health care, manufacturing, distribution, to name a few.  See the links below and to the left to see the actual attendee lists.

What geographies do your attendees come from?

  • Summit attendees are primarily from Chicago Metro, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  We do get a few attendees from across the Midwest, such as Minnesota and Michigan, etc.

  • Seminar attendees are primarily from the metro area in which the seminar is held.

View actual registration lists of our recent events here.

If your clients and prospects are already attending our events, then make sure you are involved in 2018!

Can't wait? Call me at 847-837-3900, x 2, or email me at


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