Virtual Peer Advisory Program

Our core program empowers you (and your team) to become Highly Effective Technology Leaders, so you can have a transformational impact on your company, customer, fellow employees, community & career. 

We start with a vetted and facilitated Virtual Board of Advisors of your peers

You'll get "unstuck" when needed, and gain speed and confidence in decision making and strategy by getting the trusted advice you need from your peers - when you need it. 

Each month we add both "Hot Seats" and "What's Working Now" Discussions

"Hot Seats" let you bring any key issue to  your virtual board of advisors for advice.  We rotate our monthly "What's Working Now Discussions" to cover key challenges within each of the 10 disciplines of Highly Effective Technology Leaders.  The result over time is mastery of the concepts and you'll evolve into the Highly Effective Technology Leader you want to be. 

We add full access to our Technology Executives U virtual and on-demand, Master Class professional development & CPE Program designed for Technology Leaders

Our curriculum is based upon our proprietary "10 Disciplines of Highly Effective Technology Leaders," curriculum, combined with a Master Class approach to faculty.  Learn what you need to know to lead, from a Master Class faculty of fellow CIOs, Senior Technology & Digital Executives. 

We add both individual and Team Executive Leadership Coaching. 

To accelerate your transformation.  Sample topics discussed include: Strategic Planning & Accountability, Executive Branding for Recruting, Organizational Politics, Communication and Career skills, and more.

Next Steps

Interested in Learning More about the Peer Advisory Program?  The next step is a Discovery Call.  Contact us at 847-837-3900 x 2 to Schedule.