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  Sunday, May 22, 2022 
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2022 Live Event Calendar

Virtual Seminars (Webinars), Virtual Online Master Class Workshops & In-Person Summits

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SprinG SUMMIT & Hybrid Seminar

Digital transformation & The Hybrid cloud, IT Management Insights & Cyber Security


MAY 25, 2022 - - In Person Summit - MICRO SITE IS UP - REGISTRATION OPEN!

We are happy to announce our return to in Person Summits!

The Three Main topics covered during this event will be: Digital Transformation & the Hybrid Cloud, IT Management Insights and Cyber Security!

This will be an in-person Summit!


Stakeholder, Change management & communication skills for Effective Technology Leaders


June 23, 2022 - virtual masterclass Workshop & roundtable

In this important workshop we'll lay out the key strategies and skills for effective stakeholder managemen, Change Management & Communication Skills for Effective Technology leaders

cyber security Briefing & Strategies 2022  
july 28, 2022 - - Virtual Webinar - Complimentary
our annual virtual event we'll include a threat briefing, technology updates and key strategies from our keynote panel.  
BI - Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics - A/I & Machine learning  

August 25, 2022 - - Virtual Webinar - Complimentary

In this important virtual seminar we'll explore how companies are leveraging BI & Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and A/i & Machine Learning to drive better Business Decisions, Customer experiences, Business pRocesses & Growth


IT ROadmap & Budget Process - Virtual Master Class Workshop & Roundtable


Sept 22 or 29, 2022 -(TBA) Virtual MasterClass Workshop & Roundtable

Join us for this important Master class workshop & Roundtable on updating your IT Roadmap and budget to match your strategic and operational goals.


Fall Summit : Technology Innovation, Customer Experience, Data Strategy & Intelligent Automation, Leadership


OCT 22 or 27, 2022 (TBA) - - FALL SUMMIT

The overall theme will be technology Innovation, with strategic insights related to creating a great digital customer experience, data strategy & Intelligent Automation, Plus Leadership



Virtual Seminar/WEbinar TBA


november 17, 2022 - CLoud Cyber Security & Data Protection

In this important virtual Seminar we'll explore the unique challenges and strategies for cloud cyber security & Data Protection


Cyber Security & Compliance Foundational Framework
Virtual masterclass workshop & roundtable TBA


DEC 15, 2022 - Virtual Workshop

In our quarterly Master Class Workshop & Roundtable Workshop we'll explore an overall cyber security & Compliance Foundational Framework.

virtual seminar/webinar tba  

JAN, 2023 - - Webinar - Complimentary

Virtual Seminar TBA


Virtual Seminar/WEbinar


FEB, 2023 - - Webinar - Complimentary

Virtual Seminar TBA



For a listing of Summits go here



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